Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sleep in

Kai `reading' to his doggy

All I have to say is that one hour makes such a difference. For the past 2 days, Gary has gotten up with Kai at 6:30 (Kai had been up since 5:30am) and fed him, changed him etc. so that I could sleep til 7:30. Kai has been a bit of a pain in the butt this past week as that top tooth has just broken through. He is also so ready to run but still needs to hold someone's hand and it gets very tiring being bent over all day long (okay, I don't do it all day long, but you know what I mean). I still think he's a fabulous boy but I will be SO excited when Gary is home for 2 months and I can run out of the house whenever I want!!! Oh ya, the new park 3 blocks from our house is complete. There really isn't that much to do, especially since there is just one baby swing and we live in a neighbourhood of 10 million babies. It's funny as yesterday I was one block away and saw 2 other strollers approaching the park, I def. sped up by tried to act casual...let's just say Kai got to use the swing first:)

On our way to the park:)


  1. oh I would have totally raced to get "my" kid on the swing first! haha great story

  2. I guess i have nothing really to comment on. I find it's just nice to know others are reading your blog. So, with that - I'm enjoying reading your blog. It's great to have an idea of what your life is like and what you're thinking about. You're a good writer. It's almost just like we're having a chat and I'm hearing you talk. Have a great day!