Friday, June 15, 2007

Everyone loves mochas

Opie showing Kai what to do...that better be an empty cup! Kai's fourth tooth (top right) is pushing through, boy, who knew your gums could stretch out so far?! It kind of looks like a mini volcano.

On a completely different note, I have lost my husband to Starcraft, Warcraft and Age of Empires (computer games). He's says its my fault because I made him get rid of cable. Maybe I need to give him a nice `To Do' list to keep him busy, or perhaps, I should give him a few days of guilty indulgences because he finished his school year. He did bring home some chocolates (Purdy's!!!! Love it!!!!) so I think I'll be nice.

Tomorrow is our last football game(s) so I'm a little saddened and also quite nervous because I think we'll have some fans out. I know Gary is coming which always makes me want to play a bit better:) Hopefully the rain holds out so we can enjoy it sans slipping and sliding.

Finally, I decided to sell my mountain biking armour on Craigslist and it sold in one day. Now, I feel like selling everything we have because its so effective! We're going to be cleaning out the basement this summer so that we can try to start finishing it and I bet we'll find some good stuff to sell online...otherwise, we'll have a garage sale. Fun times. That's the only reason I'll be glad for football to be done, so I can garage sale.
Last year at this time. This is my niece Annika (4 1/2 months at the time) with my 7 1/2 month belly (right after my belly button popped out)
Boy, that belly was big already.
Wonder where we'll be at and what we'll be doing next year at this time?!


  1. maybe next year at this time you'll be that big again? Hey - maybe you'll even be pregnant! hahah..Hey Weezer, I was thinking about it today, and when I move home, I think we should start playing tennis together at the tennis courts down by the school...maybe Nut and pa can join!? Or nut and Gary? Me and Nut used to be pretty good! (i think our record was hitting it back and forth 8 times! Alright!). Well, see ya tomorrow night! Bonne temps!

  2. Gary and Louise... maybe I should just say Louise as I can see who dominates the blogging in the chapman family :) I love reading what you two are up to. It makes me so glad to see the two of you doing so well. Louise I think the best thing for you to do would be to Buy yourself another computer, get better at Starcraft than Gary and then beat him. That would be hilarious but you're competitive so I don't doubt you could do it. Just don't let him buy World of Warcraft... that game is a total life suck. Enjoy eachother this summer, you both earned it.
    much love from Fresno.

  3. I bet louise will be as big as that with another on the way next year....kai needs another little one around. Hard to believe annie was that small last year! Time sure flies. Now my stomach almost looks like that...okay not that big..yet!

  4. Oh, let the man play his StarCraft; as long as it stays under control it's all good. But yes, keep World of Warcraft out of the house for the sake of your marriage. I'll have to play Gary sometime online. My school has ended for the year and I'm getting some Starcraft in myself. We'll see.