Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

These are all the boys on the Chapman side. We celebrated Father's day there today. The kids look really excited to be in this photo:)

Hmmmm...two fathers that I will celebrate today will be Gary and my dad.
If you don't know my dad, you should meet him. He is very friendly. He can have a conversation with anyone about anything. People feel comfortable with him and I've seen people touch his arm a lot (waitresses, cashiers etc) because they just feel at ease with him. He is good with the email (I appreciate a quick responder) and loves family get togethers. He loves his little grand kids and always offers to babysit...kind long as they don't cry, need a diaper change, or need to be fed (which means he has only babysat once). He loves a deal and good food. He loves Purdy's mocha melties, as do I. He eats oranges when he goes on a walk. If he buys something expensive, he always justifies it by saying `At least I don't smoke, that would've been 20 packs worth'. He was a lot of fun growing up as he would wrestle with us and joke with us. He always cared about our report card comments more than our grades. He loves to say things that will drive me crazy and he is very good at it. He worked very hard growing up so that we could have a nice home, go to a good school, and go on fun camping trips all over North America. He is a quirky guy who loves to laugh and doesn't like shaking hands (due to germs, he's not rude). So dad, if you've read this, I appreciate you and thanks for always making us roll our eyes with a smile.

Now for Gary. Wow Gary, you're a dad! I remember the first time I met your family, I saw you playing with your nieces and nephews and I thought, `Wow, Gary will make a fabulous dad' and I decided then that I wanted to marry you and have kids with you. You are good at being goofy and letting Kai take risks. You listen to all the newest stuff that I tell you about his routine and you follow it very nicely. You go on family walks with us. You call Kai crazy names like Zabooboo. You're okay with not having a lot of down time when you get home and just waiting until 7:30pm to relax. You taught Kai how to high five. You tell me that Kai looks a bit like me which makes me really happy. I really look forward to seeing your relationship with Kai grow and develop and I know you will be a great example for him. Great work dada!

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  1. Yes, dad definately makes us roll our eyes...but with a smile. And yes, Dad does tend to get Louise with his little white is good!! I remember once I got him ...that is it. He is pretty quick.