Monday, June 25, 2007

Power Out=Marriage Booster

Yup, if there's going to be a power outage in the lower mainland, it will def. hit our house. On Sunday night, Gary and I sat in front on the fireplace and talked. Usually if I ask him some questions about his childhood or something, he will give me ridiculous answers, but this time, only half the answers were ridiculous so that was nice! We found out some things about each other, for example, Gary doesn't like cantaloupe. I thought Gary would eat anything but his top 5 worst foods are: olives (also in my 5 worst foods), cucumber, pickles, cantaloupe, and watermelon. We also talked about what our current selves would tell our 15 year old selves if we had the chance (I thought that was a pretty good question) and we also talked about our childhood memories of birthday parties, childhood chores etc.
Something exciting is that before the power outage, we purchased plane tickets to MEXICO!!! We will be going in December with a group of friends so we'll see how Kai does on a plane! We got a pretty good deal on seats and after paying for it, I realized it was pretty much the same as a couple visits to the dentist (for Gary...Mr. Root Canal-Crown-Filling King). This is def. going to be a much better way to spend the money than going to the dentist!!! Gary and I have never flown anywhere together as we drove to Alaska for our honeymoon (he had gone to Bolivia the year before and I had just gotten back from Kenya so we were okay without doing the overseas travel on our honeymoon!).

Kai loves running his hands through daddy's hair, it always elicits a giggle or two. The other day, Kai and I took turns making high pitched squeals and then we were both giggling like crazy in between, it was very cute.

Talking about `little guy', Kai is now seen as small! Whenever we go to the park (well, every day), we run into other kids that are his age and they all are much bigger! Maybe Cloverdale just has big babies? For the first 6 months of his life, he was a giant and now, he's kinda small?! People say, `Oh, he's a little guy!' What?! My Kai is little? There's nothing wrong with that, but it just seems strange as he was always the Super Size baby. Gary was jokingly (but maybe a little seriously) worried that I would bring all the short genes into the marriage and not give our kids a chance at some good basketball dunking skills so we'll have to see how Kai grows. Also, not all of Gary's family is super tall so he could be carrying that short gene too!.
Kai and daddy at the window to wave bye to mommy who was going to work today! I was home by 12:30pm and it was so great to come home to the two of them. Finally, Kai has taken about 3 steps in a row (by himself) when walking from daddy to mommy. It is so cute seeing his little body moving like that! Also, instead of just taking things apart, he has started to put things into bigger containers, secret compartments etc. which is fun to see. He has also started making new sounds like ug (I think for dog?) and ah and uh to add to his mama dada repitoire.
Have a great day in the sun!

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