Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phone call

This is how life has changed:

Me (called home from the cell phone and before I could say hi...)

Gary (speaking of Kai): He's in bed. He wasn't fussy. He pooped once. He ate shepherd's pie and banana for dinner.

Me: What time did he go to sleep?

Gary: 7:30.

Me: Well, that's actually not while I called. I wanted to ask, I mean tell you I love you?

Gary: NO you didn't, what do you want?

Me: Um, is `So you think you can dance' on yet?

Gary: No

Me: Okay, see you in half an hour.

What has happened to our conversations? Ahhhhh!!!! Don't worry, we really do have good conversations but we have to watch ourselves that we don't talk too much about Kai or tv:)

I think that there should be pre-baby classes. I mean, I know there are prenatal classes that talk about pregnancy and labour and delivery but what about the first year of life?! I really learned a lot about Gary in our premarital classes and would recommend it to everyone. You know, people warn you about planning a wedding and not planning your lives together BUT what about a baby?! There should be courses for everyone and people should talk truthfully about what it's all about. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it but WOW, total life adjustment. I'm not the Louise who can do whatever SHE wants, I'm the Louise who can do what she wants as long as it works for Kai's eating/sleeping/pooping/drinking/temp level/noise level and as long as it doesn't cost too much money AND as long as Gary has biked so I have the car:)

I wish someone had interviewed me before having Kai. I wish they asked me, `What do you think your day will look like?' `Will you and Gary get out together? If so, who will watch Kai?' `When do you think you will sleep 8 hours straight?' `What do you think a baby's schedule is like?' `Do you think you will talk about Kai's b.m's every day with Gary in regards to frequency and consistency?' (so gross i know but you gotta watch out for these things). Honestly, I had no idea what I thought about a newborn. I thought about what kind of mom I wanted to be to a 5 year old, but to a baby?! Didn't think about it much. I wish I could look back and laugh about what I thought.

On a completely different note, well, it does have to do with babies so maybe not a completely different of the coolest books I've ever read is called `Taking Charge of Your Fertility'. It was recommended by a friend and I have recommended it to many others since then. It discusses natural family planning and how to get, or not get, pregnant. I just found it very educational to learn more about what's going on in the female body at different times. I'm not saying this method is for everyone but def. an interesting, and easy, read. Although I have a biology background and knew the basics such as the anatomy and the endocrine (hormonal) system, there is so much more!

I want to write about facebook but will do so on a different post. Bon nuit! La la salama!


  1. Talking about poop. I used to talk about Annika's when she was little and you were prego and you said...I WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT MY KIDS POOP--interesting huh?

  2. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hey Louise, probably don't remember me (speaking of re-connecting!) but I just wanted to let you know that your "pre-baby classes" idea is GREAT - maybe you should start one. Despite doing babysitting/childcare/church nursery work, I was totally unprepared for the complete life change a baby brings! Anyway, thanks for the laughs - I also talk about my childrens poops.
    Dyan Kauppi (nee Bailey - FVCHS grade 12 when you were in grade 10)