Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's go camping!

We got a bunch of fun running/hiking/camping clothes today at the VIP Helly Hansen sale. Wow. We could've gone crazy but we tried to maintain our cool. Gary kept saying `Get it, get it! We'll never find a deal like this again!' for everything, what a bad influence. Good thing we've cancelled our cable and will now save about $50.00/month which will pay off our purchases in 3 months:)

Here I'm wearing my new shorts and two shirts (one warm and one cool one). Gary bought the same pair of shorts (different colour), bike shorts, and we both got the same Lifa pants. When we got home, we discovered that Gary had bought women's XL pants...he's kinda bummed out as that was a purchase he was very excited about. I encouraged him to try them on, perhaps they would fit...he didn't think that was a very good idea.
We bought Kai a rain jacket for the fall and next year. I think it was our most expensive item but we really don't buy him new clothes ever and in Vancouver, a good rain jacket is important!

Here's our little monkey in the toy box. We actually do have his stuffed animals like that all the time so he can walk by and kiss them.

I wanted to take fun pictures but he wouldn't smile for me until I gave him the phone. I'll have to try again later. We got our passport pictures taken yesterday and he did very well with the straight stare, no hint of a smile. He's been a bit off with lotsa yucky diarrhea (I'll spare you the details) and he will only eat half his food (this is VERY unlike him). On a positive note, he is now a solid 23lbs:)

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  1. Nice pic, even with the phone. Good job on the clothes, I told you it was dangerous...but well worth it! We ourselves should cut the cable....yeah right...don't think I could get that to go over in this house.