Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daddy Dressed Me!

`Looks like I'm ready to run the 100m race in the Olympics due to my spandex outfit! Daddy dressed me for our fun day of hanging out together again!' I think this outfit is meant for the pool/beach but maybe it is also meant for some speedy walking around the furniture?!

Kai loves books. He has just mastered using his two thumbs to open to a particular page. It takes a lot of skill if you ask me (I know, something we don't ever think about)!

One of his favourite books is a book on opposites with DOGGIES (uhgi he says) on every page. He loves to just sit in my lap and listen to stories, although, sometimes he wants to turn the pages which aren't always in order and he will usually take us back to the beginning again. I hope he will continue to love books forever!

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  1. that is really super cute the way kai was dressed. i had to chuckle a bit too :) were you at grad yesterday? thought i saw you, but wasn't sure...have a great day!