Thursday, June 07, 2007


Okay, being that Gary and I share a car, he often has it at about 4 days a week. This leaves me at home, which is generally fine. However, yesterday I was hit with a wave of boredom. It could be that this was due to the less than desirable weather, the cancellation of football practice on Monday (which gets me out exercising and socializing on Mondays), the fact that I've already finished both of the books that I had for this week, or maybe I'm just ready to go back to work?! I am savouring every moment of this year off as it will probably be the least stressed and most relaxing year of my life (maybe til retirement?).
This picture shows 2 of his 3 teeth.
So, for the title...let me tell you what a couple of the hours (of the 12-14) that he is up, looks like. Please feel free to skip it as it is tres boring!
1. He finishes a bottle and fake cries for more (this week he has completely transitioned to 3% milk and is loving it).
2. I get him excited about a toy.
3. I move him to the toy box and try to point out a few of his favourites...squeeze one here, give teddy a kiss etc.
4. I quickly sit down in my chair to relax for 30 seconds as he rounds the couch and makes it to the coffee table where there are other toys to play with.
5. Here he gets a bit fussy because he wants the remote or a glass or my book.
6. I wipe his nose (either he got a cold or its from teething...congested breathing makes me think cold, no more immunity due to breastfeeding!).
7. He falls on his bum and reaches for me. I tell him `you can do it' and he continues to reach for me.
8. I give him a boost, its hard to stand up reaching for a coffee table.
9. He continues on the next two chairs (which we have positioned next to my recliner to make his journey a little more fun).
10. When he reaches the end, there are two options.
a. I bring him back to the beginning which is risky because he's really bored with the first stage of his journey, he's getting sick of his toys in the toy box.
b. Follow him around the kitchen as he pushes a little kids chair around. He loves this but this hurts my back. I can't let him go alone yet as we found out yesterday. Fortunately laminate flooring doesn't seem to scratch.
11. Probably wipe his nose a few more times.
12. Ask him for a kiss, high fives, and read him a book or two.
13. After repeating steps 2-12 for about an hour, I can put him in his high chair with a bunch of food (bread, cheese, turkey, mango, kiwi, and carrots) and let him feed himself for 20 minutes. I sit there with him and pig out too. This is fun and relaxing.
14. Go for a Extra foods or around the neighbourhood getting the mail and checking out the progress of the new park. I try to find streets with kids or dogs to keep it exciting for him. Today we bought him a baby `Hot Wheels' toothbrush in the clearance bin, he LOVES the feel of it and loves brushing his 3 teeth:)
15. Nap time!!! Gives me about an hour to relax, clean, bake, read, blog, whatever....
So ya, gets a bit repetitive. I think Gary is jealous that I just `sit around all day' as he says, but at least he gets to interact with people all day. Both have their +'s and -'s. Talking about Gary, he just bought a new baseball glove. He was like a little kid on Christmas with it, working it in all last night. He kept asking me to throw stuff at him:) Too bad that there's nothing I want right now because the easiest way is to wait until he spends money on stuff and then I feel less guilty doing the same...this is very bad marital and financial advice by the way.
On a completely different note, Kai loves dogs. I got an idea to get him one. I talked to Gary about it. We decided I was crazy. First of all, the neighbour's dogs bark all day and night (taking turns of course) which drives me NUTS!!!! Secondly, where would we keep him? Thirdly, Kai might get bored of a dog and they aren't just meant to be toys, this would be a big commitment, a new member of the family! So, we wondered if we could rent a dog for a week or maybe dog sit or something. I think we came to the conclusion that we will just visit my sister (who has a dog) a little more often.
Well, I've got about 1 hour left to relax so I'm going to scrapbook Kai's `May' page (I do a page for each month, until one year, then I'll do waaaay less). Enjoy the day!


  1. I think everyone should have a dog, so keep working on Gary! They are so worth the extra work. Shaylah and Jackpot are best friends and she never gets bored of him.

  2. It is amazing that they look so much older once the teeth come in. Wow!

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I agree everyone should have a dog. I can't lend you Nikki (stupid fat blond lab who loves kids and food, super sweetie) for a few days!