Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm it!

I got tagged by here I go (Gotta write 4 facts and 4 habits)

1. Noises drive me crazy!! Crunching, slurping, nails being clipped, forks scraping plates etc. This is the worst when in a quiet setting like class or when watching a movie. How about when I'm trying to go sleep and Gary starts clipping his nails! Grrrrr....

2. I love school. I love learning, teaching, studying, and taking tests. This started early with my passion for mad minutes in math and excitement over an impending spelling test.

3. I love reading. When I was young, my mom would take us to the library and I was allowed to get up to 13 books. I would read almost a book per day. We could stay up as late as we wanted as long as we were reading. Back then (gr. 5-7) I loved Nancy Drew, Babysitter's Club, and Sleepover Friends. Now, I'm reading maybe 1 book/week and I love it!!!! That was one of the main things I wanted to do on my mat. leave. My favourite book this month was `The Time Traveller's Wife'. 8.5/10.

4. I'm petrified of bears when camping. Gary and I hiked Stein Valley which is basically Grizzly territory and i think I sang the entire time because I didn't want to see one. He was disappointed because he did want to see one and fortunately, I think we are the only ones to ever do that hike and NOT see a bear. I think it didn't help that I read the book `When Grizzlies Attack' or something along those lines, before we went:)

1. I always brush my teeth before breakfast, I think you're supposed to do it after but having any plaque on my teeth drives me crazy so I always have to do it right away.

2. I always get up right when my alarm goes off. I have never pressed snooze in my life. I shouldn't say never just in case I did once but I really don't think I have!

3. I always ask Gary to lock the doors before going to bed (he goes to bed 20 minutes after me so I can try to get to sleep before his snoring starts), but then I go and do it anyway.

4. I feel the need to check the mail every day.

Melissa then asked that I share four things that were new to me and then four things I want to try in the next four years.

1. Marriage: woohoo! First year was fun and carefree! Second year was educational and we developed a deeper friendship.

2. Being pregnant and having a baby: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tougher than I thought. Having 35 lbs attached to my belly in 30+C weather was not fun. Contractions were way more painful than I thought (back labour). C-section was so nice for me (not the first 2 weeks after but just the relief that he was finally out!!!!).

3. Death: it doesn't really surprise me anymore. It's not that I expect bad things to happen but they don't surprise me. I'm not angry at it, I'm just saddened. I feel like my mom missed out, but really, she's way happier so she didn't miss out, so, I'm just missing out on what i could've seen her do. Make sense? I could rewrite it but too tired.

4. Kenya: wow. So beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Africa and it was amazing. To live in a village and get to know the community, share meals with them daily, teach the I think about it daily. Why was I born in Canada? What am I supposed to be doing to help? We worked, for just a few days, in the orphanage too, and I think about them often when I am with Kai.

1. Buy a minivan. Probably inevitable. I want to see how long we can go with our 4 door cavalier. I want to drive it til it goes no more!

2. Baby #2 and 3?

3. Live with less. Spend less.

4. Scared to say it but I want to run another half marathon. I've done 3 but haven't done one in the past 3 years. I can really only run 5 km right now. Problem is that the next one isn't until next year which is too far away to start training for...we'll see.

Okay, so now I need to tag people to answer these questions. I feel like every one I know has been tagged so I will tag people who I don't think have been: Maria VT, Maria T, Jantina, Jackie. You don't have to do it if you don't want to:)


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Hi Louise,

    I admit that I love reading your blog! Sometimes I get bored at work and when Maria hasn't update hers, I'm stumped for something to pass the time - so I read yours. You have a true gift at being able to put thing's into words and I really enjoy reading your updates. The one about your mom was very poignant and brought me to tears and the blog on your Extra Foods sales bin and how noises like crunching or nail clipping drives you crazy made me laugh! Because I'm the same!! Sometimes even breathing drives me nuts (is that bad or what?!). Anyways, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Hope you have a good day!

  2. Anonymous12:47 PM

    as I was laying in bed last night, wide awake after my 4th pee of the night (!!), I realized I forgot to sign off my long winded note to you yesterday - it's Tessa :) Bye for now!