Friday, February 09, 2007

Playing This Morning

Our neighbour's dog woke us up nice and early this morning so we had a lot of time to play (and be tired).

Kai loves looking at the doggies but probably loves eating the book just as much!

This is his favourite toy right now. Lots of pieces to play with that make noise and feel good on the gums.

Smiles for mommy. You can see his nose is just about all healed right now. The doctor says that this is just the beginning of many injuries to come and Gary says `Chicks dig scars'. Oh boy.

He's starting sucking his thumb a lot more now and its usually the indicator that its time for a nap! I accidentally dress him like Gary (okay, not in shorts all the time but I love the little plaid shirts!)


  1. wow! I can really see some of his father in Kai! ( not just the plaid!)

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    hey kai in the second last picture where he's smiling int he plaid shirt...kind of looks like danny devito. im just saying... but wow was he cute tonight wrapped up so tight..aww kai