Thursday, February 22, 2007


Obviously you can tell from this picture that Gary loves getting his photo taken, especially when he is watching the hockey game and especially for a silly reason like showing you his new hair cut! I know its not great but you know, I'm learning. If I didn't cut his hair, he would just shave it all off which is fine with me but the growing back stage is always quite awkward. I've made many mistakes on his hair (like accidentally shaving off a side burn) but 2 years later, i think I'm getting it!

Here's my hair...much better now! There was this long strangly layer that made it look mulletish/rat tailish so I got Gary to cut off a few inches. I've actually never seen him so nervous but really, I didn't care, I just wanted it fixed. It's still got one really short layer and then a big gap and then the next layer but it is much better. I know the flash on this picture is a little crazy but after blinding myself, I wasn't going to take another one!

Here's our little smiler. He didn't get a haircut but I just wanted to show his newest smile. He will just turn and smile at me all the time, I don't have to do anything to get it! So cute and a little funny looking seeing his chubby face all scrunched up.

Gary's bball team played their last game of the season today and Kai and I were able to watch. It was a pretty close game and I was glad that I could be there (thanks Jan for driving us there and cheering with me). I had sweaty palms the whole time, i can't imagine what it'll be like when Kai is playing...if he wants to...of course he will:)


  1. Gary must have done a good job with your hair Louise as it looks pretty good to me. That is one of the cutest photos I've ever seen of Kai- what a smile! If that smile continues you'll have to bat the girls off him! It's a charmer for sure.

  2. That is definately the cutest pic of kaiser bun yet....