Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today I got a haircut and I got what I paid for:) I just went to the cheap place by our house and got a cut for $11.50. I wish I could cut my own hair. I cut my sister Trisha's hair once, and I think it looked pretty good all layered and stuff. Oh well, so I have a mullet. That's okay, I wear it in a ponytail most of the time anyway as I'm shedding like crazy (hormones all out of wack) and its not 100% mullet...the lady meant well so I was appreciative of her effort:)
On another note, we took Kai to W.C. Blair pool today for his first time. He enjoyed it immensely and I'm quite confident in those swimming Pamper thingy's that he wears so that's good. I had visions of lifeguards blowing whistles and frantically waving everyone out of the pool if Kai went to the bathroom in the pool and it somehow escaped the diaper, but, all was well. In the family change room they have these cool seats to put little kids in and strap them in so you can get changed etc. and it was fabulous, I could go on my own. We didn't get any pictures as we were all in the pool and I wasn't about to let Gary keep his fancy dancy camera on the pool deck.
We also bought a baby gate today. Kai isn't crawling but sometimes Annika is over and I'd also like to be ready for when Kai does start moving around.
We're planning on taking him camping over spring break. Any tips for sleeping in a tent with a 7 month old? He is a very light sleeper and only sleeps in his crib. Maybe I should set up the tent and start having him take naps in it. Totally joking...well actually..maybe it would be a good idea..hmmm
Looking forward to dinner tonight...asian style salmon and some chocolate fudge covered shortbread for dessert.
Gary's got a bball game tonight. Their game last Tuesday was pretty fun to watch. They will either be done on Monday or in 3 weeks from now.
We missed `The Office' this Thursday as our computer failed to tape it for us. When we returned from care group, we were sad. Well, I was. By the way, took Kai to care group and he refused to sleep. He was up until 10pm. For a kid that is in bed by 7pm every night, this was slightly disasterous.
Gotta go....have a great night everyone!!!!
PS A great baby shower gift for someone would be a `Today's Parent' subscription. I love it. I totally look forward to it coming in the mail (although this months wasn't the greatest). Only $20/year. Just a suggestion.


  1. What? no photos of the mullet?

  2. You are very welcome on the 'flushies.' I'm glad I could do something to make your being nicer to the environment nicer!

    I agree with the Today's Parent comment. The previous resident of our house used to get it (and didn't change their address very quickly) and our doctor's office used to have free copies. It's a great magazine.

    Be well!

  3. Where's the photo!!!

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    My condolences on the mullet. I recently had an identical experience so I know just how you feel!

  5. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Hey, some advice for camping with a 7 month old. I had gone camping when Braedon was 3 months old and 7 months old and I had put him in a playpen in the tent. So if he's used to a playpen at home...he might be okay in the tent. It worked well with Braedon.