Sunday, February 04, 2007

Date Numero Quattro

Gary and I went to the Boathouse last night for a very good meal; steak, shrimp, halibut, mousse, keylime pie...we always eat half of everything and then switch so we get to try a lot more. It was such a nice night and it was fun to get a little dressed up too. Thanks to dad/opie for babysitting last night, he even put Kai to bed! I always get in a little of a panic (according to Gary) on the way home because I'm not sure if Kai has been screaming the whole time we've been gone or not. Of course, he was sleeping soundly.
Just finished `Sweetness in the Belly' and I give it an 8/10 so that's a pretty good recommendation. I think that it helps that a lot of it is based in Africa as it brings back some great memories for me.
I tried 100% tea tree oil on Kai's nose but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I think its more for relief than for healing. He's such a happy boy which makes me so happy. A happy mom also makes for a happy daddy:)
Two things I've noticed that we've been doing since Kai was born:
1. Every word now ends in `ie'. Does Kai was a new diapie? What happened to your sockies? Oh daddy, your dinner is yummies. Should we go for a walkie?
2. Gary and I often talk to eachother through Kai. `Kai, doesn't daddy look nice today?' `Kai, did mommy make a yummy dinner?' `Kai, should daddy take the garbage out' `Kai, should mommy do the laundry?'. As you can see, its used for compliments and suggestions:)
Well everyone, have a great time watching the Superbowl.

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