Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hapy Birthday Maria

Last wednesday we celebrated my sister Maria's 27th birthday. Please note her nice new haircut and usually there would be a smile on her face but I think my dad was going camera crazy at this point, hence, the `dad, that's enough' face. We decided to go out for dinner instead of the mass chaos of making it and the cleaning frenzy that occurs afterwards. It was a bit of an experiment as we didn't know if it would be more relaxing to take two little ones with us. People actually tried to sit far away from us but it went okay. Annie had a bit of a meltdown as she only had a 30 minute nap in the whole day and we accidentally made the mistake of laughing when she threw her sippy cup.

Another reason why people may have moved away is that opie was acting a little silly! Kai's looking at me like `Mom, something is wrong with opie and I don't think I want to be sitting with him anymore. Get me out of here!'.

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