Thursday, February 08, 2007


Quick question: what kind of disposable diapers are best? We use cloth half the time (which I must say are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to use now that he is on solids..won't provide details) and have been happy using the Costco Kirkland diapers the rest of the time because they work well but I know there are cheaper ones out there. So, what's got the best quality/comfort for the cheapest price?


  1. I found pampers or huggies okay now that they are older. Whichever I have coupons for (of course.) I used to use teddy's but find now they don't breathe well enough for annie

  2. I agree about the Pampers and Huggies. Plus, they are almost always on sale at Safeway (usually $29 -$33 for the big box - cheaper than the Kirkland diapers). Coupons for Pampers can be found on - I have heard that you are a coupon fanatic! :) Happy hunting for the best deal!

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Maybe I'm a diaper snob but I do like Pampers or Huggies. I haven't experimented much with other brands. Note though that often the bigger packs aren't cheaper by diaper- do your math before you buy!