Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Playing Upstairs

Today, mommy and I played in my bedroom. We don't usually play there because that's the place that I associate with sleeping, but we had fun!

I love doggies. This scooby doo is so big, I like trying to eat his leash.

I'm trying to learn how to crawl but have no idea what to do. Mommy tries to position me but after 20 seconds or so, I flop right down onto my big belly. It's okay, I have lots and lots of time to learn. I've just mastered sitting up on my own and now I fall over nice and gently and controlled.

I tried talking to this guy. I laughed and talked (blew bubbles) and tried to reach out and grab him. He did the same thing to me! Do you like my bald spot? It isn't going away yet but the rest of my hair is growing a little more.


  1. Was that a stretch for you to switch into the first person of a almost-1 year old? Nice pics.

  2. a little creative writing! Its almost like you had been at fvch chapel on Wed.!

  3. A little creative writing!!! and you weren't even at fvch creative writing chapel on Wed.!

  4. Hey, did you know that "airam" is "maria" spelled backwards. That epiphany came to me as I phoning people about no school because of snow.

    Oh man, a snow day would be sweet.

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Did Kai really write that? I'm kind of confused. Oh, and James rules.

  6. He definately is a dog fan. When he comes over Bailey licks him and he laughs so much....hehe!