Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Big Little Boy

Before and After the `incident'
Kai is turning 6 months tomorrow. He'll get his shots and we'll figure out how much he weighs on Feb. 6th but I'm guessing he is about 21lbs right now. He has made a dramatic change this week. He goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps all the way through until 8am. He does wake up a bit in the night but just sticks his thumb in his mouth and back to sleep he goes. This probably goes along with his love for food now! I've been trying to get him to eat some pureed solids for the past month but just this week he has been starting to pound it back. Every time I get excited about a stage, there's a little glitch but boy, he is so easy right now! He loves bath time where he will kick his legs everywhere and anywhere while chewing on his rubber froggy. This picture was taken yesterday as our little guy had his first accident and it was kind of my fault. His little nose and forehead are pretty banged up but he seems to be in good spirits so I think he's okay. I've finally got over thinking `I'm the worst mom in the world' and come the realization that accidents happen, I can't protect him from everything, we learn from our mistakes and most importantly, he's okay. I got nurse Jan and Jackie to check it out and they said he looks okay too.

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  1. Hey Louise, how are you. I love checking up on your little family. As for the 'worst mom feeling'... I remember crying when I cut Grace's nails to short and there being a little blood. I've come along way. Kai is looking sweeter and sweeter. Jack is getting his shots on the 12th. He's lovin his food as well. I just started this last week and he crys because I'm not fast enough. That's the difference between girls and boys I think. Chat with you soon.