Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Park Visit

Our new double jogging stroller/bike trailer. Annika and Kai were really good together and played nicely while inside of it.

Kai kept watching Annika walking in circles around him. Annie kept giving him toys, he would eat them and then she would steal them back. They just had a little arm wrestle over Kai's favourite one and I won't say who won:)

Kai's first time in a kind of big person swing!

So today Kai and I are babysitting Annika, my one year old neice. We took our brand new double stroller/bike trailer to the park and went on the swings. After the park, they just napped at different times which is quite convenient because then I can take turns with each one feeding them and playing with them. However, I think twins would be craziness. I'm making a yummy whole chicken right now in the crock pot as we're having a Dekens' dinner tonight...hope it tastes good cuz it sure smells good!

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  1. Anonymous5:44 AM

    i must say i have the cutest niece and nehpew in the world. Kaiser bun is a darling now- so easy going- i think he gets that from his dad???