Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love the Sun

Last night at a Chapman birthday party, Kai and Kieryn could interact a little more which was fun:) Kieryn was a little put off by all of his slobber but still enjoyed showing him all of her stuffed animals (which he just tried to eat).

Kai and I at White Rock Beach today (he missed a nap but didn't complain, he just seemed a little out of it)

He'll be 6 months old next week. Here he's showing what a big boy he is by feeding himself...kind of...more like sucking back some rice cereal and then chewing on the spoon to ease his sore gums.

Today we headed down to White Rock to show Kai the ocean (his name means ocean just to remind you:). I can't believe that we hadn't taken him there yet! It was a beautiful day and although there was a lot to see, he seemed to enjoy looking at the painted garbage cans the most:)

I've had quite the experience trying to find a way to bike with Kai. First, I bought a used bike carrier that could attach to my bike via However, it did not come with a rack, but, I bought it anyway thinking I would buy a rack later. Then, at the baby swap meet last weekend, I bought another bike carrier that came with a rack for just $5. Today, I went to put it on my lovely mountain bike, but alas, it was not built for mountain bikes. So, I checked Craigs list and for bike trailers. Then, I went off to Toy Traders and found the perfect one! I was so pumped...jogging stroller, converts to bike trailer...great price...BUT (and good thing I checked with not 1, not 2, but 3 employees), it didn't have the proper attachment with it for a bike so I said forget it (yes, I know I can look for the attachment converter thing online but I really just wanted everything ready to go in one piece). I headed off to Costco and lo and behold, they just got in some new ones. I bought a wonderful double stroller bike trailer and I can't wait to use it. Guess i better get him a helmet first? Yay, family bike trip coming up:)


  1. Hi Louise,

    Those bike trailers are awesome. I got one after I had Sydney, not a convertible one becasue I already had a double stroller, and the kids loved going for rides it it. I used it until the kids were almost 3 and 5 so you will defiantely get a lot of use out of it. Kai is very, very cute by the way!

    Rachel (Oenema)Maarhuis

  2. Hi Louise,
    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I found yours a while ago through your sisters blog. kai sure is a cutie!
    Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and i'll be back! :)