Friday, December 11, 2015

Five Tips For Being a Good Dad (According to a Three-Year-Old)

Are you a new dad? Maybe a dad-to-be? What about a dad to four wild kids? This week's #FiveOnFriday is sweet and simple.  I asked my three-year-old daughter what things a good daddy does.

Tips for being a great dad

Five Things A Good Daddy Does:

1. He gives hugs and tickles.

2.  He tells cool stories  (ones involving princesses in this case!)

Tips for being a great dad

3. He tells me that the loves me.

4. He smiles when he sees the pictures I draw for him.

Tips for being a great dad

5.  He makes smoothies with me.

Did you get that? Nothing about gifts, just time together, encouraging, and story-telling!

Ask your kids what they think a good daddy does and let me know.

Tips for being a great dad


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Curious what a child thinks makes a great dad? It's pretty simple!


  1. Meadow (age 7) A good daddy gives snuggles.

  2. Matthew (4.5): Helps you.
    Kayla (4.5): Gets toys that you want that you can't reach.

  3. That's so sweet! There's no doubt that you and Gary are great parents!