Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Wreath {Crafting With Kids}

Nya and I have been delving into Pinterest lately. I like crafts that are simple enough for a three-year-old (and her non-crafty mama) and use items that we already have in our home.  We first made a Christmas tree with hand prints and today we attempted a Christmas wreath which we found here.  We adapted it to by turning the bow tie pasta sideways and adding some dried beans that I painted red.

1.  Using a green glitter paint pen, paint the bow tie pasta. Paint some dried legumes red (I did that part as it's a bit trickier for tiny hands.) Either do this early in the morning so it's dry by the afternoon or warn them ahead of time that they will have to wait to finish it the next day.

2.  Trace a circle on the canvas in pencil and put a ring of glue on it.  Add the pasta one by one.

3.  Place the red legumes between the bow tie noodles. Finish with a red ribbon! 

Nya loved it – the painting, the pattern, the bow, and the time together.  Let me know if you have any other Pinterest crafts that you've done with young ones!

Merry Christmas, friends.



  1. So cute! Soon you are going to have to admit that you are indeed 'crafty'! (red pom-poms might work if someone doesn't want to fiddle with painting the legumes)

    1. So not crafty!! I looked for pom-poms but we just hand neon ones that would work but....