Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Midnight: Celebrating New Year's Eve with Kids

New Year's Eve is just a little bit different than it used to be pre-kids.  There used to be so much pressure on where you would go, and now, with four young kids in the middle of flu season, it's pretty easy to decide...we stay home.  I remember the worst New Year's Eve we had where the highlight was going through the car wash.  Truth be told, the boys found it extremely enjoyable but I realized then that we needed a plan.

Nine pm is the new midnight for so many parents and we are in that mix.  We'll have a special dinner, play some games as a family, and then when we get close to countdown time, we'll use one of Netflix's countdown shows to ring in the new year.

{Trying out the celebratory gear}

There are six on-demand countdowns to choose from and you just need to type in "New Year's Eve Countdown" into the search bar on Netflix.  Last year we used All Hail King Julien and we'll have to see what the kids choose this year although I have a feeling it will be Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Do you have any special New Year's Eve plans? Be safe and have fun, friends!



  1. We were going to stay at home at keep working on house renos (putting pot lights in our living room right now) but winning the family pass to Seymour for the night changed that up! The kids are looking forward to actually getting to wear snow pants and boots this year :)

  2. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    1. They loved it! We were there the entire time (6pm-9pm). Highlight for the kids was just playing in the snow...they didn't even care about sledding or any of the shows. Olivia did great, too. Might just have to go to the provincial park some day for them to play in the snow there...