Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. A sweet pair of boots for Nya for $3 – yay thrift store find. She likes dressing like me and I love it too!

2.  A beautiful drive.  Gary and I do this drive, along 80th in Surrey, a lot.  Today I will do this drive, there and back, 3 times. 

3.  Fun opportunities.  Through this blog, I have had opportunities to be part of some fun events and promoting Guildford Town Centre's contest was one of them!  Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate you (and your comments!) PS You can still try to win a $50 gift card to GTC. 

4.  Discovering a new thrift store.  I love to find sweet deals!  Usually I don't buy too many secondhand things for myself (often it's for the kids) but this was a cute Zara dress for $5!  It's SUPER comfy and has pockets.  Nya said I looked beautiful and I should get it, so, I got it ;)  I'm posting a picture (and embarrassing myself) because I need to know how to wear this!  Do I wear black leggings? Jeans? Bare legs in winter seems crazy.  What sort of jacket? Thanks in advance.  

5.  Teamwork.  We've always worked well as a team but now we're much happier doing so.  If you're feeling like things in your marriage aren't going well, doing nothing about it will make it way worse.  Put in the time, it's worth it!

6.  Santa picture with the four kids–they ran right into his lap! In the past, Nya was very fearful of Santa so I was happy to see that she is now feeling comfortable with him.

7. Our Ergo. I used it so much with Miss Nya (especially in SE Asia!) and although I haven't used it often in the past year (because she's three!) it still gets used.

8. A great afternoon at the zoo with my kids. It was the last sunny day we had this week and it was beautiful!

9. Christmas lights. So pretty!

10.  Finally getting life insurance.  We did it.  We met with a financial advisor and decided to a 10 year plan and re-evaluate then when our mortgage is hopefully paid off and Gary is closer to retiring :) And yes, a photo of Nya doing ballet because it has something to do with life insurance, right?

I hope you're having a good week.  I would love to hear something you are thankful for today!



  1. I love Nya's boots and your dress! I can't do bare legs in the winter either... tights or pantyhose with boots? I'm coming home next week and will be heading straight to the GTC selfie station...

    1. I don't have pantyhose, I should probably get some to be a proper woman. what colour?!

  2. I'd do pantyhose with boots or even a cute pair of heeled booties. And when I say "I'd do....", I actually meant "I've seen other people do this but really never dress up any more". - Ali

    1. I love the idea of cute heeled booties but then I'd have to wear heels. You are hilarious--were you always this funny? Looking forward to seeing you again.