Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break: Green Lake

We just spent three nights at Green Lake (up by 100 Mile House). It's where Gary and I got married and my dad has a house there. We went up with my sister Maria and her family and the benefit of that is that the kids just play non stop. Very little parenting involved:) It actually isn't my favourite place to go in the winter, especially when I'm pretty pregnant and not really able to do many activities but it was still good. I forgot to bring my computer which was a bit annoying because I had planned on working/editing each night. Now I feel like I'm behind but oh well. There is no internet there so it's good to get away from that for a few days:)

So, here are some pictures from our time. We had great weather but it was windy and cold. The drive home was a bit stressful as it was snowing quite heavily. The boys had a great time with their cousins and they just played so well together.

{Gary, Kris and the kids built a snow fort/quinzee which the kids loved tunneling through}

{Maria and Kris snowshoeing on the lake}
{29 weeks and the last time I will be pregnant at Green Lake. Kind of sad as I wouldn't mind doing this again:) I feel like I'm 3 months pregnant until I see myself in the mirror:)}
{And one of my favourite parts of the day...after a long day of playing, the kids in their pj's watching some cartoons before bed.}

{Kai and Koen look so much alike above!}
The kids traveled so well (it's about 4.5 hours) and it's so easy to go with the two boys. I know it won't be `so easy' for much longer so we are definitely appreciating it now. Looking forward to the rest of our spring break as the best is yet to come! Tomorrow is a work day for Gary replacing the back splash in our kitchen...not so fun but it will look great. Thinking of seeing `The Lorax' with the kiddos this week too, anyone else seen it? Okay for the little ones?

Hope you are all doing well.
Love, Louise


  1. LOVE Koen's sock monkey touque!! So cute! Looks like you had a good time away too and that little girl in your tummy is sure growing.

  2. so great! you and that baby girl are looking so good!

  3. NICE photos of the kiddos outside! Very cool (ha! Pun not intended ;) ). Also, nice to see Onion is sledding again! :)

  4. Let me know about the Lorax if you see it. Wondering if Noah would like it. You look awesome!

  5. Also wondering about the Lorax, so I would love to hear what you thought. I read that it was suitable for ages 6 and up, so was hesitant to take my little ones.