Saturday, March 03, 2012

Game Time

I picked up a Junior Monopoly game at Value Village this week as Kai `had' to have it:) I have to say that it's not too boring for me to play AND it's great for his love of math. He loves to be the banker. The other day I told him Spring break was in 3 weeks and he said, `Oh, you mean 21 days?'. Koen loves to be my dice/die roller. I do enjoy playing board and card games with 5 year old Kai as Skip Bo, Uno, Crazy 8's, Monopoly etc is a whole lot better than Chutes and Ladders and Candyland.
I had my first outdoor family session of the year today and the weather behaved! I cannot wait for some warmer weather. I broke my own rules and had 3 sessions scheduled for this weekend BUT that ensures that I get almost 2 weeks `off' (not really off as I have to edit them) so we can enjoy our spring break:)
This afternoon we took the boys to the Walnut Grove Pool. They love it and I got to swim a few laps in there so that was nice. Kai loves the waterslide and Koen loves the little slide. We all love the family hot tub. I know Koen won't pass his swimming level, but you know what, I'm fine with it. He's happy in the water and I'm pretty sure by the end of summer he'll be dunking his head. He has no problem if he goes down the slide and ends up under the water but he has a hard time putting his head under on his own. He actually inhales half the time he's supposed to exhale and blow bubbles.

Three year olds are so, so cute. It doesn't take much to excite them or make them laugh. It makes me feel like the funniest person in the world. Five year olds are smart and surprise you daily with their knowledge and understanding.

Have a great weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. Ooh, happy to hear that Junior Monopoly is a good one! I love playing games with the boys too!

  2. I love the water slide at Walnut Grove - now we have to wait til Cades is tall enough so I have an excuse to go on it :) Happy to hear the weather cooperated!

  3. In a couple of years, "LIFE" will be a good game as well. Money and banker involved in that board game too and it doesn't take too long to play.

  4. Carol, we actually do have LIFE. It is another favourite of his but he definitely needs an adult playing with him to read all the squares. Fun times!