Friday, March 16, 2012

Backsplash and Desserts

We saw `The Lorax' yesterday and the kids enjoyed it. We went to the Clova so it was just $15.00 for our whole family:) Koen thought the Lorax was cute and Kai laughed throughout the movie. It was good, the kids give it an 8/10. Oh ya, Koen kept calling me the `Lobster' last night and we realized he thought that was the name of the Once-ler.
{Above is the old backsplash in the messy looking kitchen, below is the new backsplash in a still messy kitchen}
Gary is almost done the back splash, he just has to seal it one more time. Next week we have someone coming by to give us an estimate on refacing our cupboards (they just replace the doors and put a veneer on the side to match rather than replacing the cupboards). It does seem ridiculous to spend big money on aesthetics rather than functionality but the orange looking cupboards do drive me nuts. We love our house and if we can put money into it to make it just how we want it then we save a ton of money not moving. I wish we had done the upgrades when we first purchased our home but we were just married, it was our first home and I was too scared to put even more money into upgrades, even though we were approved by the bank to spend much more:)
Koen can play all day long by himself. He makes up his own rules and plays for me, Kai, Gary and even his baby sister. Baby sister (in utero) has won several games already!
We are just prepping for our `big trip' to the island and looking forward to it! I am so incredibly tired so I'm taking Palafer (iron). I do feel very, very good physically so that is awesome. I totally credit prenatal yoga. We have our maternity/family photo session on Monday so I'm just hoping the weather is decent for that day. I'm also hoping the kids keep their faces injury free for just a few more days:)
{Playing with the 85mm a, I've never struggled so much with a lens before. I want to fall in love with it so I will persist.}

The kids are driving Gary and I a bit crazy so I'm hoping they will tire themselves out while we are on holidays. It doesn't help that we've had snow/rain every day.

We babysat Isaac for a couple of hours last night. I love him but it reminded me how evenings (or really any part of the day) will not be free anymore in just 10 short weeks. I am soaking up my selfishness now. Free time to do as I wish. With the boys being 3 and 5, it's just so easy as they really take care of themselves most of the day. I'm a bit nervous:) I'm very thankful that I have the entire month of June to just focus on baby and the boys and then have very limited bookings after that.

Baby girl is definitely craving desserts. Every night I want to have something homemade that involves chocolate. I don't do it every night but I want to:) These two minute brownies in a mug desserts are perfect! What else do I crave? Some awesome homemade mousse, banana cream pie, cupcakes with lemon frosting....oh man, so good. I don't want to waste the calories on store bought stuff and I don't have tons of energy to bake so fortunately I don't end up eating it very often. Oh, and whipped cream. It makes everything better. I've gained 22lbs so far which is pretty much on track with my weight gain with Koen. I'm still exercising daily so that's good too.

Well, better get to the laundry so I can pack our suitcases!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. LOVE the new back splash - it looks awesome!
    what is it about the 85mm you struggle with? I haven't used one, so i'm curious! :)

  2. I love the backsplash as well! great work! :)

    ...and had to try the brownies. delish. :)

  3. Kelly, I just have to get used to a new focal distance and although it's an f/1.8, you don't really want to go down that low or the part in focus is just so, so small. I found the 50mm was easier to use. The 85mm is tough with the kids moving around non stop. I'm sure it's not really that difficult, I just need to practice more and find the perfect distance (I guess I had a similar problem with the 70-200mm at first too).

  4. Adrienne-glad you tried them and liked them:) Perfect size right?

  5. The back splash looks great!

  6. Great new back splash. You will enjoy new lighter-coloured cupboards if you decide to go that route. I can't believe how much difference the new cupboards and back splash make to my enjoyment of my kitchen. You spend SO MUCH time in your kitchen. I truly appreciate mine every time I walk into my kitchen!

  7. Good job on the backsplash. What kind of cabinets? Would love to bounce off you since I'm trying to motivate myself to redo our kitchen while on mat leave.
    FYI - we bought our kitchen downstairs off craigslist (it was lovely, way nicer than upstairs, so now of course I'm kicking myself i didn't use it upstairs). So you can sell your upper doors. Not for much, but at least they aren't just being scrapped, they are new enough that someone will want them.

    Enjoy victoria! Hope the weather improves for you. t

  8. Tessa-Home Depot does refacing so they are coming this week sometime to give us ideas/estimates. We'll see if we go for the cheapest model or the real good wood:)

  9. I love the backsplash! We need one - my dad has volunteered to do it with me this summer - Mike and I are so not handy so we'll see how it goes!