Saturday, March 24, 2012


Gary and I had a wedding to photograph today. If you are not from the Lower Mainland, today we had the nicest day weather wise we've had all year. It was fantastic. Gary wore sunscreen. I sweat a little. Oh sunshine, I love you. We only photographed the ceremony, family photos and the formal portraits (maybe 3.5 hours total) and I was exhausted. Wow. We have three more full weddings to go before babe arrives and it should be interesting to see how my body does. My feet and hands are starting to swell and I am very short of breath. However, I do feel so, so good!
{On our way to the wedding, we stopped by Fort Langley to check out this wall that we've always wanted to use for photos. We didn't use it for the wedding today because it was in full sun by the afternoon but I do love it! Also, just want to point out my new chalkboard pen. If you are looking for one, it's from Opus. Just $4 and it wipes off with water.}
People are now asking me all the time when I'm due as though I'm about to give birth. They are shocked to hear that it's not til the end of May. Yes, I am big. Yes, I get really big with each baby. I have to say that whenever I see someone running, I wish I could run. I haven't really enjoyed running since before Koen was born but it was something I used to love. I'm pretty sure I will get back into it again once babe is about 6 weeks and I'm `allowed'.

For some reason, I'm sort of grieving that this is my last pregnancy. It's gone so well. It's such an amazing process. I'm so thankful that I have been able to go through it. I know that having another child (via adoption) is a possibility so that is still exciting but the likelihood is very low based on my husband's lack of desire for 4 kids (understandably!) and the long, long journey to adopt. I am appreciating every minute of this and am not ready to meet this babe yet. It's coming up fast! Compared to her brothers, she does not move much at all (which of course freaks me out at times). She is most active from about 6-8pm but that's about it.
{Kai learning about measuring in cm. He LOVES his math book. We spent 2 hours yesterday learning about money and measurement. I love that he loves it:)}

Because we had a wedding today, Grandma and grandpa took the boys overnight last night!! Yay!! Gary and I went and saw `The Hunger Games' which I have been eagerly waiting for. I really liked the books (like 8.5/10) so I could not wait. The movie was good but the movie is never as good as the book:( So, I say it was about 7/10 and Gary just gave it a 6/10. It just didn't feel as intense as the book, you know? Still, so good to go see it. We then went for sushi afterwards. Yum.

Finally, don't get me wrong. I love family time but wow, we have had a LOT of family time over the past two weeks. I think I'm ready for Gary to go back to work and for Kai to go back to school. I feel like I just need some `Louise time' but not sure what that looks like. Maybe aquafit on Monday.

Oh ya, I didn't tell you about our kitchen. We officially signed a contract for new cabinet doors/sides etc. Not all new cabinets, just refacing them. They will be `chocolate pear' and very nice, and you know, a few thousand more than we anticipated. Yikes! It's the last thing we wanted to do in our house so then we will be done and I will love it.

And to all you 200 people that read this blog daily (or at least click on it to see the blog links on the side), you can comment you know:) It's so crazy the random people that tell me that they read this blog. I don't think this stuff is very interesting but thanks for caring about our lives:)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. Haha always feel the same way! Random people tell me they read it and I'm always shocked - but they don't comment so I'd never know.

    But I always read yours Louise! Love to hear about your family and enjoy your photos!

    Ps - any chance you'll be doing photos again in August? Wed love to get photos of Noah at a year :)

  2. Love the little heart chalkboard. Yay for Hunger Games and for a growing baby girl (those two things don't go together but they are both great)! :)

  3. oh! Yay for sunshine too!!

  4. You are looking great! Sounds like you are having a nice weekend.

  5. I am so looking forward to Megan's pictures of your photo shoot!
    Love the chalkboard pen!

  6. Hasn't the weather been absolutely breath-taking!? A few days of this and it rejuvenates the body and has us begging for summer! You look great- and you've got a beautiful baby growing in there- people's ideas of 'huge' are definitely skewed. Embarrassing moment for me this week, someone asked when MY baby was due. Whoops. And, I think you look soo much like Trish in that photo where you're sitting on the wall:) Enjoy your L time this week.

  7. Kelsey, I can't wait either!! So excited:)

  8. I read your blog! Love Estelle

  9. Hoping to have the post up Tuesday at the latest! I can't wait either!!! And that wall in Fort funny! Steve and I drove by it literally 8 hours ago on the way to a family shoot and were admiring it's possibilities. Great minds;) One more thing - sushi -Probably one of the biggest things I miss about being pregs is how often I indulged in Japanese :)

  10. Dying to know where that wall is in fort langley! I have a session coming up there but don't recall seeing it?!

    the weather saturday (and sunday) was awesome! Glad it was so nice for the wedding you were doing.

    and that new opus pen is really cool!

    Huge thanks again to Gary for his help :)

  11. Kelly-the wall is at the entrance to Bedford Landing when coming from the west....I'm thinking it's off of 96th?

    Carolyn-I am taking limited sessions in August as we do have weddings booked as well:)

  12. cute pics
    came to see how your family pics turned out - looks great so far!!