Thursday, March 08, 2012


Well, Koen finished his Sea Star lessons today. He didn't quite pass but he is apparently really good at splashing, jumping in, and listening to his teacher. I loved his teacher (Courtney) and I'll probably put Koen back in again in the fall. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well Koen did in regards to listening to the teacher. He had a teacher and a volunteer teacher and both of them said every single time how adorable he was. He is kind of cute with his non stop chatter and dimples. He paid attention and tried his best. What else could I ask for? Good job, Kokonut!
Probably more of an exciting accomplishment, my dad did 2 solo flights this week. Pretty cool grandpa/Opi if you ask me! If only I had the guts to go up with him, I bet there are some pretty cool photo opportunities there:)
One more sleep til Spring Break:)

PS To repair our $500.00 tv, it would cost $500.00. Hilarious.

Love, Louise

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