Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Not My Favourite Week

Nothing really wrong just me feeling hormonal and stressed. I haven't felt like this since I was 14 years old so it's kind of frustrating. I get really worked up about almost anything. So, what's going on?

1. Koen broke our brand new flat screen tv. We just bought it 4 months ago and he broke it 30 days past Coscto's warranty (and the warranty by Samsung does not include your child hitting the screen with the remote). Koen's response? `Oh, sorry.'. Just frustrated that we finally spent some money on a `real' tv (we had a big box one until then) and then this happened. The replacement will not be as nice I can tell you that. Along with fixing our van, there goes our tax return:) I have to say that both Gary and I were so calm about it. I guess it is just money and nothing serious.

2. My spring allergies have hit and they are not fun. Major itchy ears, eyes, and throat. The only thing I can do is use a nasal irrigation to help get rid of the pollen. I'm thankful for days when it rains because it keeps the pollen down. The real reason it bothers me is that it doesn't allow me to sleep properly.

3. I had some stress with business taxes but fortunately it has been taken care of. I saw an accountant and he really helped me out in just 15 minutes:) Just had to contribute to CPP and all that jazz. You just have to know that I need to follow rules and so any slight chance that I'm not, or doing something wrong, it stresses me out. And dude, you should see how little we actually take home after all expenses involved with running a small business. Oh well, thankful for my job and it's flexibility.

4. This was the week that our baby would've been born had we not miscarried in July. Very weird to think about. Thankful for the little one on the way. I bought her a dress today. I had to. It was cute and on sale and Kai and Koen both voted yes to it:) (Kai is all about the family votes).

5. Sort of stressed about how baby girl is going to come into this world. Neither option is great (due to risks, recovery etc) and I wish both of the boys had been born naturally. I told myself as long as we/I knew by 32 weeks what the plan was, I'd be okay. So, I have to give myself one more month of not knowing. Technically I'm pretty sure I could get whatever option I wanted (if I went through Women's) but I need to weigh the pros and cons of each and it's just so tough. It really comes down to me and I'm coming to the realization that it will likely be a C-section as the risk to the baby is smaller and that is my priority.
**IF YOU ARE PREGNANT WITH YOUR FIRST CHILD OR NOT PREGNANT YET, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE SUPPORT/KNOWLEDGE/RESOURCES YOU NEED!!** I wish I had a midwife and doula with Kai's birth. Not sure if it would've been any different but at least I would've known I did all I could. I made it so far with him (all the way through to pushing) but he just couldn't/wouldn't come out.

I am looking forward to Spring Break and especially the time we will spend on Vancouver Island. I hope you are all having a much better week than I am:)

Love, Louise


  1. I'm sorry, Louise. A rough week indeed.

  2. Trust things look up for the rest of your week. Some time spent on Vancouver Island would make anyone feel better. Love that place!

  3. oooh, tough week :( Glad you have a vacation coming soon - hope you get lots of rest (and some good, pollen-free sleep).