Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Visits and Geocaching

As our trip nears an end, I have realized that one of the kids highlights was just playing cars in the hallway. They love to race their little matchbox cars for hours. Without fighting. Yay! Guess we didn't need to go anywhere fun for them to do that but maybe if we were home they would be distracted by other things and not find each other so fascinating.
After a leisurely morning, we got in the van to head to Port Alberni which is about one hour away. My mom's mom (oma) and brother (Uncle Al) live there so it's always great to see them. It's where my parents met as teenagers and got married a few years later.
We stopped at Cathedral Grove (we always do!) and tried to go for a walk but it was really, really muddy and wet so we had to cut it short.
Kai was happy that it was so short, he was not a fan of the walk.
Here the boys are with oma and uncle Al. We are celebrating that oma turned 89 yesterday! We just stayed for an hour and then went back to Parksville.
If you've never been, Parksville has a great playground for kids along the beach. It's huge and great for all ages. Just saying.
I'm so embarrassed to post the picture below but it is SO cold and windy here and my coats don't zip up so I just layer. I look ridiculous. Gary doesn't own a winter coat that I could borrow (he just wears rain jackets over fleece). I have to say that I'm so tempted to go somewhere warm next Spring Break because there is no way I want to take a baby out on the beach in this cold, windy, snowy weather.
We then went back to the condo to get ready to do some geocaching. There were two caches along the beach and Kai found both of them.

Kai got a little red truck out of this one:)
My boys!

Highlights for each person:
Koen: the petting zoo in Victoria and the jet tub
Kai: playing cars with Koen and seeing oma and uncle Al
Gary: going for walks as a family
Louise: having our photos taken, the jet tub, and reading two books (oh, and oodles of outdoor family time).

Hope you are having a great week.
Love, Louise

PS Sooooooooo excited to see the Hunger Games on Friday!!!


  1. Looks like a fun trip (other than the cold!). May I ask what two books you read?

  2. I am very intrigued about this whole geocaching business! I think my girls would love it. Also just started reading Hunger Games the day of our session...I'm so excited to go to bed, because it means I get to read :)

  3. Terri, I did the 5 minute mad dash to the public library right before I left. I had no books in mind except for `The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' but alas, there was quite the wait list. I ended up with `For One More Day' by Mitch Album and `Imperfect Birds' by Anne Lamott. Easy reads:)

  4. Megan, this sounds dorky but geocaching is very cool!! You look on for a treasure near you and load the coordinates onto a GPS. There are so many treasures all over the world, you can find them pretty much at any park! Gary does all the techy stuff and I just do the fun part at the end where I try to find them based on the clue:)

    As for the Hunger Games, I read the second book in just one night. It was worth it! Loved it:)

  5. I am also very excited to see the Hunger Games. You look cute with your layers:)

  6. Too bad you didn't have some of the hot weather we've been enjoying in the east! My son and I are looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games too, but probably not this weekend. Let us know how you like the movie.

  7. You are so dad for the comments on everyone's favorite thing:) Glad you guys had fun. Oma and uncle al look great! Enjoy the ferry ride today. At least it's sunny.

  8. in my opinion, nothing to be embarrassed about - you look cute and bundled (besides, isn't layering rather fashionable?).
    Yay to your family for having a great time in cooler weather :)

  9. I think you would really like "The. Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks."

  10. I CAN'T WAIT for The Hunger Games. Loved that series!! Glad you had a great trip :)