Monday, March 19, 2012


Today we took the ferry to Victoria and drove straight to Beacon Hill Park. We met up with Megan and her husband Steve to have a family/maternity session. It was pretty cold but I won't complain because it wasn't raining! The kids did a pretty good job...I think? I'm excited to get those photos and you can see a sneak peek on their website now!:) Victoria is gorgeous.
I've been trying to keep them injury free for the last few days and of course last night, while they were racing cars, one of Koen's cars flew into the air and hit Kai in the forehead. It resulted in a goose egg immediately. True, there is photoshop, but that adds an hour to any photographers editing just to get rid of that bruise/bump in all those photos.
(found it! Not an exciting one.)
We got to see a billion ducks and geese and peacocks which the boys loved. We then went to our hotel (resort and spa, go us! Thank you, Hotwire!) and got settled. Then, it was off to geocache and walk the harbour front area.
We did go to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner as we forgot that our hotel had a full kitchen this first night and didn't bring enough meals along.
The kids loved the `fancy restaurant' meal (ha) and I realized why I never go there. Oh well.
Went back to the hotel and the boys went for a swim and hot tub.
I have realized that I couldn't go on a trip any further along in this pregnancy. I get pretty tired so am not a whole lot of fun or very helpful:)
(The boys just watched the hockey game in bed and Koen actually fell asleep before 8pm which has never happened in a hotel for him EVER. Yay! Our little monkey is growing up:)

Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. what a fun little getaway! can't wait to see the rest of the shoot!

  2. Tanya Philippsen10:15 PM

    Was that the Parkside Resort by St. Ann's Academy? Carl and I stayed there at Christmas (it looks quite familiar- I recognize the tiles at the pool). We got a great deal there too....expedia! Looks like a fun trip :)

  3. The one shot that your photographer posted is terrific. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  4. Where did you stay? Was it Bear Mountain Resort and Spa? We loved that place :)

  5. Tanya, great eye! Yes, it was Parkside Resort right across from St. Anne's (where we did the geocache):) Perfect for our family. Hope you and Carl are doing well!