Thursday, March 01, 2012

27.5 Weeks

I feel like baby girl has doubled in size this week. My stomach has grown and I even got new stretch marks. Who gets new stretch marks, with their 3rd baby, at just 6 months?! I have a hard time doing things at the counter (washing dishes, baking etc) as my belly is in the way. I am reminded, however, of how nice people are to women with pregnant bellies. Everyone is all smiles and `you go first' and all that jazz. I like that part:) Physically, I am feeling well. I don't want to say it but sciatica is almost gone for this week (except for when I move a weird way and the pain goes searing through my butt/leg). I am sleeping well too. It's so weird that my appetite has not increased (way fewer cravings too) but I'm assuming that is thyroid related right now.
I have met with the Langley OB and she was super friendly and engaging. She did not say yes or no to a VBA2C. She will be discussing with her colleagues and my midwife. I took a quiz done by the Better Birth Clinic (at Women's) to see how I felt about an attempted VBA2C vs a planned C-section. Each option scored 12 points from me. That did not help:) If I had only had one C-section, or, I had smaller babies, it would be much easier for everyone involved. It's the risks that worry me. Each one has risks (higher serious risk to baby with VBA2C and higher risk to momma with C-section but please note that both risks are very, very low). I may blog about both of these options more at a later date but someone wants me to cut up some strawberries:)

Have a great night! I get to go to yoga:)
Love, Louise


  1. SUPER cute baby belly :) Have fun at yoga!

  2. Baby girl looks good in purple!

  3. I am LOVIN' your baby belly, L! So cute and round!