Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Gary and I have talked about buying snowshoes for years. My dad has 2 pairs and we have borrowed them over the years but they are usually kept up at Green Lake. On boxing day, I found some and decided to just do it. Gary's were regularly $250.00 and I got them for $150.00 and Kai's were just $60.00 (for the best quality ones). Still pricey but I think we will get good use as Kai's are good up at 110lbs on trails.

We decided to go this morning, even though it was super foggy, and I'm glad we did! We went up to Seymour and walked towards to the lake. I wasn't sure how Kai was going to do, he's been a bit all over the place lately. However, he was a superstar! He loved it and was fearless. I was trying to be so cool about it as he would slide down the steep parts on his butt and then even eventually going head first! There are creek beds and ravines everywhere but Gary didn't seem concerned so I went with it:)

We only snowshoed for 30 minutes but that was my goal, I wanted to make sure Kai didn't get too tired of it so that it was still fun.

Looking forward to going again as it's a great snow activity that I can do right now!

PS Ultrasound tomorrow!! Can't wait to see baby Chapman!


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Glad you are feeling better and getting lots of family time in!

  2. So Fun. We have snowshoes too.. the old wooden ones, they belonged to my parents.

    Can't wait to hear about baby Chapman!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Hey Louise, I'm Nancy Anderson's brother. I've been looking at snowshoes for a while but haven't wanted to make such an investment without knowing I'm getting a good deal and brand. What kind did you get for Gary and how come you got such an outstanding deal?!
    Thanks for your help! We're sure enjoying following Baby Chapman's journey! Stephen

  4. Stephen, I got Gary'snowshoes at `Atmosphere' on boxing day. I believe the sale is extended until January 2nd. The snowshoes I got him are Atlas T30 Traverse ones which I somehow cannot find online for you! It may have just been a special in the store we were at but it was quite the deal for a quality snowshoe.

  5. Anonymous9:59 PM

    no problem Louise! Thanks for the name of the snowshoe- I'll keep my online eyes open for a sale. I'm a fan of Atmosphere and MEC, but Atmosphere doesn't have their online act together yet. Enjoy! Thanks again!