Saturday, December 03, 2011

15 Weeks

Um, how did we get here so quickly?! Yikes!

I am so happy to say that the nausea is now gone. Hip hip hooray!

I am also happy to say that on Thursday (and every day since) I have started feeling the baby move! I can't feel it with my hand on my lower belly but I can feel it from the inside. This is so crazy early to me as I didn't feel Kai until I was about 19 weeks. I felt Kokies at 17 weeks:) It is so crazy how you recognize the feeling immediately. I'll be honest that although I think the human body is amazing, I get kinda weirded out by the giant movements at the end. You know, where the baby's body parts are recognizable from the outside as it punches or kicks your ribs out.
I have not been sleeping well. I feel anxious about silly small things because they seem bigger to me with my hormones these days. I need to make sure I get a better night sleep because I don't want a nasty headache to return! I did a volunteer photography thing at the church last night and hopefully that is the last `stressful' thing for a while. It's not that it's really stressful but it's a long night and I don't always love volunteering with photography. I wouldn't mind making cookies or something instead for a change:)

I have gained 4lbs so far. I've been pretty good about walking 45 minutes a day and riding the recumbent bike for 20 minutes.

Gary saw the kids for about 4 hours this week which is not even close to ideal. It's always a bit of an adjustment getting back into basketball season. Gary just took Kai, now, to the second game of his tourney today. Kai was so excited to wear his Falcons shirt and ride the school bus with Daddy Bear. He asked that Gary teach him all the boys names so he can shout out `Good job!' to all the guys as they play:)

I am excited to add a baby to our family. I'm nervous about how the baby is going to get out of me. If the OB says there is a high chance that I would be successful at a VBA2C (after looking over my previous labour with Kai), then I will feel confident. If he feels that my chances are low, then...well...we'll see. I wish I made 7lb babies with average percentile heads:)

We will hopefully find out what we are having at the beginning of January and I am sooooo excited for that. Gary and I are terrible at finding names so if we know the gender, that should help us out a bit:) Our top boy name right now is a crazy one (and it doesn't start with K or C). `Crazy' meaning I've never heard a person with the name before.

I am thankful for this little baby growing inside of me. The boys are quite excited about it too. Koen blows raspberries on my belly and Kai talks to him/her. Sample conversation: `Hi baby! It's Kai and Koen here. We're going to help feed you and change you and teach you lots of things. Okay, well, we gotta go wrestle now, bye!'. Kai asked what boys have instead of a uterus and I said nothing. He said girls were complicated:)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise

(**Updated: Kai threw up before the game started so I had to drive out to Maple Ridge to go get him. Poor Bubs. Hoping it's not the flu, I don't do that so well**)


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! You made me laugh pretty hard! Girls are complicated! He hasn't seen anything yet, man....

    Kokies had an average sized head! =) Though he was rather big, the body is the squishy part.

    I'm glad you are feeling better as far as pregnancy sickness. That really sucks, especially with other kids to run around after!

    I just read today that milk/dairy consumption can produce bigger babies...I will bring my book over on Thursday bc she explained it in a way that made sense! She's a WHO/UN adviser on infant feeding so she knows a thing or two. I dunno if it would make a difference but it couldn't hurt right? Except you need lots of calcium so you would need an alternate source...

    Anyhoo, I already sent you a book today so I will back off. Tell me to shut up anytime, I don't want to make you feel pressure; I want you to feel supported. Just because I advocate vbacs and natural birth doesn't mean it is right for you or for this pregnancy. You know best what is best for you, and babe, and your family. xxoo You're wise. You'll figure it out! And you will rock it, no matter how you give birth.

  2. Mel, you are so right, Koen had a normal sized head. And interestingly, I did drink a lot of milk when pregnant with Koen which could've contributed to his big size (9lbs 7oz 10 days early).
    Don't shut up anytime:)

  3. Glad that you are starting to feel better - hope some better sleeping follows!

    I thought of a cute boy's name - Deken!

    Hope Kai is feeling better.

  4. you look GREAT! here's hoping baby #3 has a small(er) head :)
    PS Deken is a great name choice!! Lots of families at my church use the mom's maiden name for a boy's name. I think it's neat (providing your last name works as a first name!)

  5. Carol and Lindsay, Kai's middle name is actually Deken:) So, we are on the same page! I do like it too:)

  6. You look great Louise! You're at 15 wks and I only have 15 wks left, AH! SO glad you're feeling better :)

    Ian does the same as Koen, kissing or blowing raspberries on my belly, love it :)

    Also, can totally relate to how hard it is for us to agree on baby names, so so we haven't come up with anything for either gender! I've come to the conclusion that this kid just might remain nameless for the first little bit of it's life! haha :)

    Hope you continue to feel well!!

  7. I'm so happy for you, L. And you are looking frickin fantastic girl!! Love those jeans you have on in that pic.