Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Christmas Break!!!

I know I've been a blogging machine. The more that Gary is gone, the more I need to process here as Gary is usually my sounding board!

Thank you for all the love for the Global piece about my 4 sisters and I. I thought they did a great job and it was really fun to do. My sisters and I are very close and my middle sister, Jan, said we make up almost half of her friend group:)

{One side of our Christmas card...I do not like our family photo and I'm only picky because our faces printed super white which drives me bonkers.}

I am really looking forward to Gary being home for two weeks!! What do we have planned? Nothing too exciting but here are a few things:
1. Paint the baby room (going for a warm grey)...accent colour to be decided once we know if it's a boy or girl!
2. Go swimming
3. Go skating (I won't be able to skate but I want Kai to practice for his lessons that start again in January).
4. Go to ikea:)
5. Bowling with the Dekens family
6. Christmas dinner and all that jazz with my family and with Gary's.
7. Christmas dinner with friends
8. Celebrate Koen's 3rd birthday! He'll have a small party that will likely be train themed.
9. Christmas concert at church
10. Last photo session of 2011
11. Meet a couple of nieces or a niece and nephew! This is what I am most excited for, I can't believe that they will have their babies so soon!!!!!
12. Read

{The other side}

We've had a rough couple weeks here. Koen had hand, foot, and mouth disease. Then, a few days later Kai got it. Then Kai got another virus on top of that. The doctor thinks Kai will be ready for school tomorrow. At least he'll get to go to school one last time before holidays, he has missed so much! This means I have had two sick and grumpy kids at home for 2 weeks. Being that we were contagious it was really, really boring. Thank goodness for tv. Seriously. The hardest part is that Koen has been better for 3 days but we still couldn't do anything because Kai could barely get off the couch. They may have given my HFMD but we will see in the next few days if that is confirmed or not...
I was able to do a maternity session for my sister Jackie and her husband Tyler. They did such a good job and we just went to a nearby field where the kids fell asleep in the van and we did the session just a few steps away:)

I started looking into booking our cabin/condo for Spring Break. Just on the Island as we go every year. This year we might go to Parksville instead of Tofino...the boys LOVE it and so do I. We'll also be going to Green Lake with my sister and her family. I love family holidays!!!!

And finally, Koen is suddenly a big boy. He just seems to have grown up overnight. His sentences are so much longer and his thoughts/questions are so much deeper. He is absolutely hilarious and has us laughing all the time. He is so excited about life, I love it. I've realized he should probably be dressing himself by now so we've been working on it. Watching an almost 3 year old trying to master putting on underwear is quite funny. He's got it all down except for his shirt and that's fine. Shirts are pretty confusing!

Okay, better get dinner going here. Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise

PS It might snow tonight!!!
PPS My GC Photography link isn't updating right now but there is a cute new post! Check it out here.


  1. Yay for having Daddy around!! Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  2. i like the Christmas card :)
    3-year-olds mastering underwear is funny :) for boys, anyway. girls...not so entertaining.

  3. Cute Christmas card and great photo of one of your pregnant sisters and her husband. Hope you don't get HFMD!

  4. I'd love to take Kaiser out for a skate. I'm kind of a super-duper skating pro (I can provide references if need be). Let me know.

  5. Oh Tyler, I'm sure you are a skating pro! I would totally take him but alas, not allowed. HOpefully we can figure out a date before you become a dad!