Thursday, December 08, 2011

Brotherly Love

Kai has been home from school all week because he has a really bad cold. It's more that I'm trying to get him to regain his energy by staying home and laying low. I did take him to his school's Christmas matinee performance but unfortunately he spent the whole time yawning instead of singing so we left after they sang their three songs.
It was exhausting because I had to take Koen and hold him the whole time to ensure he didn't go near anyone, although, his spots are already scabbed over so i think he's almost better. It's tiring because he's heavy and just wants to run.

Gary will be home at 4:30pm tonight and stay home! Woohoo!
Kai spends about 15 minutes a day reading to Koen. It is really sweet and he totally copies the way I read, leaving the appropriate blanks for Koen to fill in.

But of course, it always ends in wrestling.

I'm waiting for the UPS guy to get here so I can get out of my work out clothes and take a shower. He is delivering our Christmas cards and I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Have a good night!
Love, Louise

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  1. oh man, it is waaay too adorable that your boys read together. See, this is why I am thinking two boys in a row would be a great thing ;)