Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby Chapman

Had the ultrasound today! Kai and Koen got to come along and `meet' their little sibling. The baby kept its legs wrapped up tightly so she couldn't get a good look to see if it was a boy or girl, but, the tech said she would record what she thought it was and we'll see in about 3 weeks. The baby spent most of it's time not moving (so different than it's brothers!!) and it's hand up near it's face. We did get to see it swallow and also suck it's thumb (so cute!!!). Kai said it must be his twin due to the thumb sucking. Koen said the picture on the screen looked `yucky' and couldn't understand that it was the baby:)
The tech said the baby is measuring one week off my projected due date of May 28th. Not sure if it's one week smaller or bigger but that is interesting. I've never measured far off at this point. It's always at the end where my babies get so big. I think I will just stick to May 28th as I'm pretty certain of the date of conception:) Looking forward to going over the report and making sure all is well. With each boy, there was something that was off (Kai=renal pelvis in the kidney, Koen=CPC's in the brain) and both were fine. I wish the tech could just tell you everything then and there, oh well, at least she was nice and talked with me the whole time:)

Finally, we are wanting the baby's gender written on a piece of paper and put in an envelope. Then, we are thinking of getting my sister to fill up a box of gender specific coloured balloons and doing something like this:
Or, do you have any other ideas? I'd love to incorporate the boys in it (maybe them popping out of the box or being surprised with us). I know people have done pink/blue cupcakes, pinatas with pink/blue candy...anything other ideas?

I'm 90% certain that it is another boy. I just really want a healthy baby but I'll be honest that part of me would love a little more estrogen/pink in this family. Talking about pink, how sweet is my newest little niece?! I helped give her a bath yesterday and then when Trish took a shower I took just a few pictures of baby Hannah. She is so sweet and little and sleeps so much:) Here she is 4 days old...
Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise
PS Snowshoeing yesterday+aquafit last night=tired Louise!


  1. Louise - my vote is a girl :)

  2. cool! ultrasounds are so awesome!!!
    i like the gender-reveal ideas. my friend does gender-reveal cakes, so they are either blue or pink when you cut into them. a fortune cookie with blue or pink paper in it? or a box with a pink or blue bear in it that the boys could open?

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I do gender reveal cakes if you are interested. I make the outside of the cake gender neutral and then when you cut into it the cake is either pink or blue...great for a little family gender reveal party. Just a thought :) Let me know if you are interested as I only accept a limited number of orders a month.


  4. Hannah is SO sweet :)
    I've heard of gender-reveal cakes before but I've never seen the balloon idea - that is so cool!! I totally vote for that idea. If only there were two of you so someone could photograph the event as well :)

  5. The picture from the ultrasound is precious!!! I can't wait to find out what you are having.......either way, it will be perfect!
    Oh wow, the idea of having a gender reveal sounds like so much fun. What great ideas!

  6. Girl! that pic of hannah is adorable!

  7. Oh, I LOVE the balloon idea!

    Another one I saw once.

    The mother-in-law made the cake for the baby shower and the entire outside was decorated with question marks (black ??? on white icing), when my friend cut into the cake and pulled out the first piece it there was a layer of PINK icing on the inside! (She knew ahead of time that the icing layer in the cake would reveal the gender.) It was so fun, and she got to do it infront of about 30 of her friends and family, such a blast, we were all screaming... especially because she also thought it was a boy, and said so right before she cut into the cake, "It's going to be bright blue inside this cake..."


    Whatever you end up doing it is going to be fun!

    Oh, wow... I typed this all out before reading the above comments... duh. Well atleast I can testify to how fun it is!

  8. I've never heard of revealing the gender in such fun ways, therefore I have no ideas of my own.

    Yay for baby Chapman!!! I wouldn't worry too much about the week difference in your EDD. Ultrasound is not infallible and it's accuracy for fetal aging decreases as the pregnancy progresses. If I remember correctly, the EDD in the second tri comes with a margin of error of +/- 2 weeks. If you are sure of the date of conception then stick with that. It always bugs me when expected due dates are changed based on ultrasound when a woman is sure of her LMP or conception date.

    That pic of baby Hannah is extremely cute!

  9. ohhhhhhh sooooo cuuuuuuute... the whole post! I like the box/balloon idea.

    i vote she's a girl. :) and your niece is to die for. Weeeee!!!

    I LOVE that koen said it was yucky; HYsterical!!!

    I owe you an email; we just got back from vernon tonight so I'll email you tomorrow!! xxoo

  10. And I think the baby looks like Kokies. And I second everything Jen said about ultrasound and dates. YOU know best when you got pregnant! One week off is virtually no weeks different from LMP.