Sunday, December 11, 2011

16 Weeks

I wish I had posted week by week with each boy as I find myself going back to my pregnancy with Koen to see where I was at in regards to how I felt, looked etc.
I'm going to sound a bit crazy for a minute but here I go...
This is a weird stage for me because I don't feel pregnant because typical pregnancy symptoms ended for me a week ago (which is normal!). And, I'm not a hypochondriac but suddenly I do sometimes feel afraid that everything will not be okay. I haven't really felt the baby move really since last week, although possibly a few times today. I worry that my Graves Disease will come back while pregnant (which in turn would affect the pregnancy and the baby) and I worry that the baby will die (I think this is on my mind because it recently happened to someone we are close to and also to Michelle Duggar). I try not to think about it and just remind myself that I'm really not in control of this baby's life and I just need to trust God on this:) I didn't worry about these things with the boys and I'm sure it will help once I feel baby kicking me all the time.

In lighter news...
I crave eggs and love light meals. Salads and soups=awesome. My weight gain is still at 4lbs. I get to see the midwife in 1.5 weeks AND I get to have my ultrasound in 2.5 weeks. I know already that I will be crying when I see our baby on the screen.

And finally, the news story is on tomorrow! I hope it goes well and for some reason I'm nervous about it. We are going to get a copy of the story on disk which will be a great keepsake. Looking forward to meeting the first baby in the next couple of weeks. It is Trish and Steve's first baby and I can't wait to meet my little niece.

Have a good night!
Love, Louise


  1. You look great Louise!
    i had no idea about the Duggar's miscarriage :(
    looking forward to seeing your story tomorrow!!!

  2. praying for peace for you!

  3. P.S. I like your boots :)

  4. You don't sound crazy to me. Must be hard at times not to worry especially when you hear of other people's losses. Praying for you and baby and for some reassuringly clear baby movement soon.

  5. Louise! The news segment was amazing! You all look so radiant. I loved seeing how you all interact with each other. What a fantastic memento!!