Sunday, December 18, 2011

17 Weeks and Kai's Singing

I am now 17 weeks pregnant.  What?!  Anyway, being that the nausea is gone and the Christmas goodies are out in full force, I have gained a little weight.  Total weight gain is at about 6 lbs right now. Another development which is super uncool is that I have some major pain down my left buttock and down my thigh.  My sciatic nerve..yikes.  I'm hoping it  gets better soon or I'll need to find something to help ease the pain.  It will be fine for 3 steps and then the fourth one will be super painful which means I end up sort of limping.  Not ideal when lifting and bending and all that fun stuff with the kiddos.  I'm still able to exercise, it's just painful.
{Haven't grown much in the last month}
On to some other fun things:)  Kai had his church Christmas concert today and rocked it:)  Being that he was soooo sick at the school one, I'm glad he could do his thing.  He was definitely the loudest kid and we heard him loud and clear.  I had told him to sing loudly so that we could hear him in the back and boy did he ever.  I was laughing so much that I cried.  That kid.  He has no fear and loves the attention.  They sang `King  of Kings' and `Away in a Manger'.  His letter was `T' and he yelled out `Truth' when it was his turn.  He is the one in the middle in the red striped shirt.
We went swimming at the Walnut Grove pool yesterday and the kids loved it.  Kai loved the waterslide and Koen loved the little slide.  We will definitely go back!
Tonight we went to Ikea for dinner and to buy the baby a dresser!  I had been looking for it on craigslist for the last 2 months but nothing showed up.   I love it.  Such a big splurge for us (as it wasn't on sale) but I'm hoping it's a forever type item.   I had hoped for it to be in the `As Is' but we can't go every day checking that out.  Oh well.   Also, the kids went in the play area for the first time AND we ate at the cafe there.  The boys are determined to go back there over the holidays.  Might have to do $1 breakfast:)
My favourite moment of the day was before the kids went to bed, they cuddled up next to my belly and sang the baby three Christmas carols.  It was really, really sweet.  They are so excited to have a baby brother or sister.  
Life is good.  Stress is low.  Had my last GC photo session of the year yesterday!!  Two weeks of family time now. Bring it!
Hope you had a great weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. I had sciatic nerve pain with E and ended up going to the chiropractor a few times throughout and it really helped! hope you are able to get over it.

  2. Oh sciatic pain is the wooorst! I had it during my pregnancy with Noah.

  3. I had sciatica too... I found the best way to cope with it was massages followed by chiropractor. I found the massages did more then the chiro but it is the most painful type of massage... you have to get them to kneed your butt! Hurts like stink! But feels so good afterwards!

  4. I have a really good massage therapist I can recommend who is JUST down your street! She is super strong and does a hard massage :). It can be a painful massage, but feels good afterwards...

  5. I agree with the others. I had terrible sciatic pain during my pregnancy with Aiden and massage helped. it went away mid way through 2nd trimester. I hope you can find relief soon!

  6. Getting on the massage bandwagon here. I saw a therapist during my pregnancy and it was SO helpful. I only need two appointments. Kandace Carr in Brookswood.

    Also, I totally heard Kai on Sunday too and was giggling! So cute.