Sunday, January 01, 2012

Koen Turns Three!

My baby is three (tomorrow). Wow. I can't imagine our lives without this easy going and mischievous boy. He makes us smile each and every day. Kai and Koen are best buds, playing together all day, although, at least half of that time, they are fighting about something. They wrestle and chase each other and I've learned to not look.

I always find the day before their birthdays the most emotional. Thinking about the day before my life was changed forever...again. Koen loves being with us and trying to be helpful. A song, especially `Jingle Bells' can usually cure most owies (or a kiss from mom). He loves going on errands. He loves eating anything and everything. I cannot think of one food he will not eat. He likes to be the one to pray at every meal. He does not like being interrupted at all. He loves his bunk bed.
{I love this picture of Gary and one week old Koen. It sits beside my computer. He was SO chubby!!}
{These pictures were taken when we went to Boundary Bay to see the Snowy Owls a few days ago.}
Koen is very physical, well, more so than Kai. He needs to jump on people and pull on their shirts to try to pull them down. He loves using markers and colouring with his big brother. He mostly loves to draw about 20 circles on a page.
I'm so thankful for Koen. He just has to flash me those dimples and I melt. Or sing me `Jingle Bells' or `My God Is So Big'. I'm thankful that I still get some really great cuddles out of him.
He is still very attached to his blankie, Bubi. We all love Bubi. Bubi makes him so docile and content. When he sees baby pictures of himself without Bubi, he gets tears in his eyes wondering where his Bubi was when that picture was taken.

If I let him, Koen would watch tv all day (obviously we don't let him!). He gathers about three blankets and four pillows and makes a `sleeping bag' and then he settles in to watch his show. He loves wearing socks to bed.

I look forward to seeing what sort of young man our Kokies will be. I'm thinking he will be a bit more of the `funny guy' with the sweet, sweet heart. Who knows, I'm in no rush to find out. I'm loving where we are at right now.
Koen, I hope you know how much mommy, daddy and Kai love you. We love you so much, forever and ever. You are so sweet and caring, and at the same time, you know how to drive us bonkers in just seconds. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.
Love you, Bubba.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Kai and Koen
PS We took some photos of him today and you can see them here.

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