Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colouring and Cuteness

Michaels always has crafty stuff on sale so I bought this huge package of wooden ornaments that can be coloured and the boys and I had a good night decorating. There are a bunch of things that I cannot do for an extended period of time (play cars, lego, Chutes and Ladders etc) but I do love colouring!

{Below is Kai's}
{...then Koen's....}
{and mine.}
Then Daddy Bear came home and got a picture of all of us.

The next day, Kai woke us up at 5:45am announcing `Breakfast is served! I made you breakfast in bed!'. I took the tray and kindly asked him not to turn on the light and just go back downstairs. On the tray were two pieces of toast that were sort of covered in Nutella. I think he was just excited to use the Christmas tray. He wakes up soooo early and usually just goes downstairs and gets his own breakfast and just watches tv.

And another Kai comment today:
Me: Kai, before we go out, I need you to wash the marker off of your face.
Kai: Mommy, I really want to leave it on. It makes me look exquisite!

(I asked him later if he knew what exquisite meant and he said `beautiful' and then went on to call me exquisite all day. He is quite sweet. Sometimes:)

Gary came home as soon as he could today so we could try to get a family photo for our Christmas card. I didn't think he would make it in time so I didn't bother getting ready. Then, because we had 20 minutes before sunset we rushed around and got out the door in about 5 minutes. Little did I realize that Kai, Koen and and I are all wearing stripes. It's a bit wild (and my hair looks terrible) but it will have to do! I have such high expectations for them and it's never quite reached. Once baby is here, we will get someone else to take our family photos!

Hello December, so excited you are here. I have the snow tires on, the sun is out all week AND Gary is home for a two week holiday in just two more weeks!!!!

Have a great night.
Love, Louise


  1. I love: crafts, Kai's vocabulary, Christmas family pictures, and making room in next year's picture for another little one :)

  2. I love colouring too! Good job staying in the lines ;)

  3. Cute! We're on for next Thursday~can we come to your place? Partly Riley is bored and wants outings!! What time works for you? Funny that we are using all types of messaging to communicate right now... lol...