Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's Going On

Not a whole lot:) I'm not very good at titles.

Koen is afraid of a lot of things. We made a spider out of a paper plate and pipe cleaners at Noah's Ark Learning Start this week and he couldn't even carry it to the van. Today in Sunday School, he was fine the whole time and then during story time, the kids all growled like a lion and Koen ran off crying and hid in a tent there. He is also afraid of swings and won't go on one. Meanwhile, he is fearless in so many other situations. I can't believe how big he's getting. He takes up his whole toddler bed. He is adorable. He also is helping me work on my patience. One more thing, he loves to play `camping'. Every day for a month now, he gets all the pillows and blankets from the couches and makes a `sleeping bag'. We are not allowed to touch it and we put it away when he goes to bed. He's cute.
Kai starts swimming lessons this week. One of the reasons I wanted to do part time kindergarten is because I wanted him to have ample time for extracurricular stuff that wouldn't be too much for him (or me!!). I think he'll love it and I'm thinking we'll do skating again this winter. I get to help out in Kai's classroom in two weeks, I'm totally excited about it. Can't wait to see what it's like (and what he's like!) in class. I taught Kai's Sunday School class all month so it was good to see him in that environment. He loves the singing with actions that we do each week.

I played two football games in a row yesterday. That's 4 hours including the warm up. It was humid. I did not stretch afterwards (I had to rush home, shower, and go to a photo session). I'm having a tough time walking properly today:) So sore. So fun though! I love being active. Also, we have one more wedding this coming weekend and then it's just family sessions. The perfect amount is 2 sessions per week, and that is what I have to look forward to. LOVE IT. Thyroid wise I am starting to feel better. Still shaky and `nervous'. I'm not really nervous, it's just how my body feels, does that make sense?

Gary is busy back into school (and watching football on tv). He does love his job so that's so good. Kai starts full time kindergarten this week so Gary will now drive him both ways, yippee for me! Gary and I have been writing up meal plans which has been great. We split meals so we do every other day. Awesome. I know I'm very fortunate to have a husband that not only cooks but kicks my butt in the kitchen:)

Have a great week!
Love, Louise

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  1. OMG, my three year old plays camping all day every day too, only I have to 'go camping' too! Drives me insane!! Must be a three year old boy who lives in a family that loves to camp thing. Is that popular? =p