Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something I Love

I never knew I would love Kai being in school so much! There are so many reasons and here are a few:

1. I really like the school he is at, his teacher, and the opportunties. I know he is safe and loved and having an amazing time.
2. I love that he is part time (all day T, Th and every other Fri). He plays hard and then gets to rest on the off days.
3. I love that Gary drives him to and fro and that there is before and after school care (that he loves). Saves me so much time and Gary is going that way anyway.
4. I get to do errands throughout the day without having to manage two kids (when they are together, they are WAY wilder). It's actually fun doing errands with Koen:)
5. I get to spend some serious one on one time with Koen. I never realized how much Kai took so much of my attention when we are together, he just asks soooo many questions! Koen is funny and energetic. And boy, does he love his letters!
6. I never realized how much Kai asks for food all day long. One little annoyance out of the way.
7. Koen and I get to go to Strong Start on Tuesdays and to Noah's Ark Library Program Fridays at the school. Both free and he loves them.
{I realize now that Koen really needs a haircut!}
So yes, I am loving Kai being back at school. Don't get me wrong, we miss him and eagerly wait on the front porch at 4:30pm to welcome him home with hugs! I love hearing about his day. Poor Gary, he just gets a `Welcome home, Daddy Bear'.


  1. I love it, too! The first time I left my kids somewhere guilt free was school. Awesome!!

  2. Seriously - he is gone until 4:30? wow - that is a lot of 1 on 1 with Koen. Let's just say you don't know how lucky you are that you don't have to drive! Koen is cute and loves those letter - WWWW what's happening dude:)