Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lovely and Not Lovely

Koen has been super grumpy lately. His screeching is non stop and drives me nuts. It's Kai that causes him to screech because as much as these guys are buddies, they know how to drive each other (and therefore me) crazy. Koen has not been friendly. If someone asks him what his name is, he'll say `I'm not Koen. I'm Nuffing' (nothing). Maybe the summer has been a bit too tiring for this little guy.

After dinner and bath time, Koen was playing with his cars. Suddenly it was quiet and that can only mean one of two things. Either doing something very naughty or sleeping. Fortunately, he fell asleep. I love seeing him sleeping.
He always needs his Bubi/Blue. He has a back up one that he calls `Bubi's Cousin'.
Koen always needs to wear socks to bed. He's very particular about it.
And then, he woke up.

Gary has been at work all week. I have now been home with the kids for 2.5 years. I have to say that there are days that I wouldn't mind escaping this house and going back to teaching. I have always said that I don't miss teaching but I think that now, I miss it a bit. However, I have to remember that when you're teaching, you can't sleep in until 8am and wear your pj's til 9am:) And that, my friends, is very lovely.

A couple things that are not lovely? One of our 5D's (camera worth about $1000.00) just broke. Lame. We have two back ups so we'll be fine in the mean time. Likely we'll get it fixed for about $400.00 as it has to be shipped out to Ontario.

What else isn't lovely? My stupid thyroid. Yes, I said stupid (a no no word in this house). The hormonal fluctuations from the miscarriage in July have caused me to verge on being back on medication for Graves' Disease. My next blood test is next week...we'll see what it says. I did take my meds today. Lame. I was off them for how long? 5 months? So frustrating.

Oh well, if that's the worst going on these days, I'm thinking life is pretty good.

Okay, time to get a Kokies off to bed!

Bon nuit.


  1. Boo for screamers - My lovely little toddler hit the two's a month early. Mess with her and you'll get an ear-splitting scream and your face grabbed.. I love the sleeping shots of Koen, despite the crankiness these two-year olds are just so cute.

    Hang in there, you've had a rough go with your thyroid. Not fair that you have a miscarriage, and then to top it off you have to deal with additional side-effects.

  2. Ah yes, two brothers who love each other, but can instantly make the other one scream... sounds very familiar :)

    Big hugs for the not so lovely thyroid.

  3. i hear you on the screaming. hopefully it's a quick phase!
    sorry about the camera - what a bummer!
    even worse is your thyroid - so sorry things are acting up again! i hope it turns around for you and begins to improve.

  4. Sorry about your thyroid.

    Koen looks so much more grown up to me in that last photo. Hope he gets out of the grouchies for your sake soon.

  5. argh, I am sorry to hear about your thyroid on top of everything else you've had to go through. Hang in there!!!