Monday, September 12, 2011


On Sunday morning I got a phone call from my sister Jantina. She told that Kienan (three year old boy who had been abducted from Sparwood, BC) had been brought home! I couldn't believe it and ran downstairs to watch the news. Tears poured down my face. I was so happy. My heart had been breaking for days. He was a little boy, the same age as my Kokies and yet looked like my Kai Bear. I thought of little Koen in his place and it was so painful. It gave me a little peace knowing he had his blankies with him as I know how my boys are with their blankies:) I know there were so many people praying so hard for his safe return, and boy, prayer was answered. I'm so thankful. Abductors don't bring kids home. And literally, to their home.

I have to say that over the past 5 days, I have spent a little more time with my boys as I kiss them goodnight. Koen has been running up to me throughout the day shouting, `Kienan's home! Yay!' (with the hands in the air). We have all been praying for this little guy.

And, just for some pictures...Kai extracted his dinosaur bones from the giant clay-ish mold today. It probably took him about 2 hours. Half the time Koen was just sitting there watching and asking questions while Kai `taught' him about being a scientist. It was hilarious and cute. Kai is a wonderful teacher.

{Flowers chosen by Kai}

Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise


  1. When I saw his picture I thought... wow, that looks like Louise's oldest boy.

    I am sooo excited he is safely home!

  2. gorgeous flowers!! good choice kai