Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Koen at Sunset

So much going on but here are some random thoughts...

1. Kai loves kindergarten. Yesterday was `the best day ever' because he played in the forest, painted, had music class and got to take out his first library book (it was about trains). I'm glad he loves it. He actually loves his before school care just as much (or more!) as he plays the game of `Life' there and apparently it's awesome.

2. Things are busy with life around here. Very. I am really, really trying to take it easy mostly because of my thyroid and how it can make me feel so jittery and sweaty and scattered. If I stay calm, I'm good:) I don't really agree with my endocrinologists advice on my medication right now but she is the expert so I will stay with what she says.

3. Koen is really testing my patience. At lunch today I was reading something with Kai and when I looked at Koen he had rice all over his head, his bowl was upside down on the table and he was beating it like drum while yelling out his ABC's. He is loud and wow, those two can fight. So tired of it. I took him to Strong Start and it was okay. I wish he could go to preschool.

4. I am very in love with the golden hour (hour before sunset) on a bright sunny day due to the warm backlighting. Yesterday was the perfect evening for it in terms of light so we tried to get some of Koen and I but alas, I didn't factor in Koen's monkey-ness. He just kept trying to shove a leaf in my mouth. I really, really hope we have some sunny days in October!!!

{An engagement session coming up wanted silhouettes etc so I thought this would be fun to try out!}
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Louise


  1. Looks like you got some good ones with Koen! :) Be well! :)

  2. also my favorite hour of the day to photograph. love that sweet umbrella - great for a romantic silhouette (or cute, when it's a momma and her cute son!)