Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teacher Visit

1. I love antique stores. I am currently looking for photo prop stuff (antique high chair, chair, cake stand and mirror). So fun. I bought something sweet in Fort Langley today for all my necklaces and bracelets.

2. Reason #2 why Kai's school is awesome...we had teacher visits this Tuesday! Kai's teacher came to our house to see Kai in his own habitat, get to know him better through his room, siblings, toys etc. They went over some worksheets which included randomly written letters (upper case and lower case) and numbers just to 20. Then he counted to 100 and had to do some rhyming stuff. He read about 5 of the 10 words and then he asked to do more but there was nothing left:) Kai asked the teacher to bring some worksheets for Koen next time because Koen loves his letters! We love Kai's teacher and Gary is actually teaching her son at the same time:)

3. I have realized my favourite things to photograph are: kids, babies, maternity and engagement:) You can see a session with my Kai Bear here.

4. Koen continues to test my patience with his `Don't talk about me! Don't look at me! Don't say that! ' etc all day long. It's the sort of behaviour that usually indicates someone needs a nap but if he were to nap, he'd be up until 9pm. No thanks! I love it that both kids are fast asleep by 8pm:)

Have a great weekend! I have a feeling that 2 of my 3 sessions will be cancelled due to rain:(

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  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I hear you on the patience issue!Keziah keeps saying "I am so mad at you" everytime something isn't exactly how she wants it.