Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day Of School

Today Kai Bear went to kindergarten. For the first two weeks, they are just going for 3 hours each time which I think is a great amount. When he woke up and realized that today was `the day' he was pretty excited. He got dressed about twice as quickly than normal, which really, is still super slow. He gets so distracted. After the first two weeks, Gary will be driving Kai to and from school because they have an out of school care program. Should be good by saving gas and time! It is a new program and I'm so thankful for it.

At school, it was pretty chaotic with the number of parents and kids in the hallway. Koen was also trying to run away to the playground that he saw on our way in. So, amongst the chaos, I was unable to get emotional at all.
Kai is in a bigger class of 19 kids and I realized that I know the parents of 5 of the kids. Either teacher's kids or people that I have done photos for in the past. It's nice to have a connection already. I know his teacher as I taught her kids, and, I know the Educational Assistant in the class as it's my friends mother-in-law! Again, a lot of connections.
Conversations on the way to school:
Kai: Mommy, are you looking forward to me going to grade 1?
Me: Yes Kai, but let's get through kindergarten first.
Kai: Well, I think I'll pass. I'll pass the playground part for sure.

Kai: Mommy, are you going to ask the teacher to give me math homework?
Me: Uh, do you want me to?
Kai: Yes, I LOVE math homework.

I didn't ask the teacher and he didn't get any homework:) They read stories, played inside and outside and ate their snack. I have no idea what else they did because that's all I got out of Kai. He said he liked playing with his new friends (whose names he doesn't know), building a volcano of rocks, the best.

Koen and I went shopping for fruits and veggies and then played at home. What did I notice? Well, it was unbelievably quiet without them torturing each other all day long. I liked it. I'm thinking part time (every other day) will be perfect for Kai. And I. And Koen.

Hope you all had a great day!


  1. awesome :) glad the first 'day' went well!

  2. So great! I was looking forward to reading this post! :)

  3. wanted to check in to see how Kai's first day went
    Sounds great
    love you Kai!!
    Love the Chapmans (t,k,d,m,t)