Sunday, September 04, 2011

Good Things

A few good things:

1. The water slides. This will definitely be a yearly tradition. At first when we got there, they both refused to even go on the little kid slides and I thought it was going to be a terrible day. But, after 15 minutes of going down little slides together, we advanced to the intermediate! Kai did a whole bunch of the intermediate ones on his own too. We only stayed 3 hours because Koen's lips were blue and he was shivering so much, even though it was super warm out. I can see that in a few years it will be nice to just sit back with a book and let Gary and the boys go wild.

2. After 5 years, I have no more kids in the church nursery! Today Koen went into the preschool Sunday School class. He loved it and was totally fine on his own. He was such a big boy! I'm so proud of him. He made a sheep and a bear and was so proud of himself:) I got to teach Kai's group and when Gary asked him what they had learned about, he said, `I don't know'. Thanks for listening, bud!

3. I went shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans (regular $100.00, down to $35.00!) and I bought Gary a bunch of new shirts. I also bought a Purdy's ice cream bar which always makes me feel good:) Oh yes, I also bought Kai some back to school shirts and he didn't care at all. That is so different than when I was a kid. Well, for two reasons. We didn't get many new clothes when I was his age AND once I was older and we could afford back to school clothes, it was the most exciting thing EVER!

We walked a couple of blocks to a local field to try to get a few photos of the boys. I want to get a photo of them for our upstairs hallways but alas, yesterday was not the day to get the picture I was envisioning. I was hoping they would be happy and excited but alas, they were `just' somewhat cooperative.
{An outtake}
{I found this wagon at a garage sale and think it would be great for a little kid's photo session:)}

Guess who is going to kindergarten in 2 more sleeps?! I think I'm more excited than him! Actually, I know I am.

Happy Long Weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. this whole post made me smile :) love it!

  2. My first two boys cared little about the clothes they wore, but my third son... he is very excited about new clothes and very particular about what he likes. I so love our little shopping trips together which always include New York fries! He is 15 now and still enjoys our shopping trips (perhaps because if he comes with me, I will pay for the clothes!)