Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baking With The Boys

It has been an adjustment having Gary back at work. Suddenly I'm a full time mom in the day and don't have any time to work. This means I back to full time `momming' in the day and then working at night. Totally not my favourite as it means there is no time for a break. Gary and I had a talk last night about how work is going to change and I'm looking forward to doing less after October and actually having time to do things I love.
For example, I would love to do some redecorating. If we do eventually get pregnant we will be redoing the boys rooms so that they are sharing and we will redo the baby room too. I would also love to put some photos up in the basement. I would love to de-clutter. I would love to browse pinterest and I would love to be able to read books.
Anyway, Kai had a great second day of school and got to play in the forest and cut out a sunshine. This reminded me that we should probably work on his cutting skills. That's all I got from him. When he came home we did some baking. Honestly, I do not enjoy having the boys help me make dinner. Gary loves it and always has them help him. Baking with the boys is okay and so we went out and picked blackberries and then decided to make a Blackberry Crumble. It was super easy to have them help me.
I just used my mom's Apple Crisp recipe and we'll see how it turns out. Before my mom died, she made us each a recipe book with all of our childhood recipes. It might not be the best apple crisp in the world but the taste of it brings me back to sitting around the table, with all 7 family members, having a good time. It's funny, I'm particular about certain meals. Spaghetti has to be just like my mom made it. Gary tries to make it more exciting but that's not what I like. The taste of my mom's homemade spaghetti just reminds me of the good old days. Coming home from cross country practice in highschool and just having serving after serving of that great spaghetti:)
{These aprons were made by my talented friend Ali. I love how the patterns are so `molecule-ish'.}
{Ali, if you ever start a business I will def get them modelling them nicely for some photos for you:)}

Love my boys even though they drive me crazy and I wish I could send them off to daycare sometimes. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hebert family right now as I cannot even imagine what they are going through. Little Kienan reminds me so much of my little boys. It's every parent's worst nightmare. I hope he is found quickly. In the mean time, I will hug my boys a few more times today.
Love, Louise


  1. The crisp looks like a super fun activity to do with the boys. I am so glad that Kai is loving Kindergarten so much.

    We've been praying for the Heiberts all day as well! When I first saw the little boys picture I gasped because I thought he looked a lot like your Kai. I can't imagine the fear they're going through!

  2. love the aprons :)
    i am not very brave/adventurous when it comes to letting the kids cook/bake with me. I let taeya help me bake occasionally, but not Ezra...yet. though they're both so eager. i lack patience. big time :)
    I agree with Ashley...the Heibert boy sure looks like Kai!

  3. Your mom's apple crisp was very good! I remember having it with chocolate ice cream, which we would never have been allowed to do at home!

    Being a full time mom and working at night is hard to juggle sometimes but I wouldn't change it, most days:)

  4. total molecules! love the aprons. and totally praying for the Heiberts as well!

  5. Have you ever thought of having a sitter for a day a week? Or even 2 days a week? That way you can still work, see your kids & then still see Gary at night? Who knows...there might be a friend whos willing to do 'daycare' for a day or two a week? But then is nice to be home all day and not pay for a babysitter!

  6. I love how Koen is holding his hands and laughing in the last photo with his apron on ;). so cute!

  7. Adrienne-totally thought of it. Sometimes my sister and I swap mornings to watch the kids and that helps. I think the big solution is just doing less work overall. So hard for me but so important:) Once November hits, it will slow down dramatically. Hope you are doing well!!

  8. Would love a copy of your apple crisp recipe. Sounds delicious- (especially with chocolate ice cream)... I always love trying other people's "favorites":) soo glad Kienen is back home safe. What a blessing, and a witness!!

  9. Just thought I would throw it out there! - glad the workload will drop down come november :)